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My illness is excruciating and difficult to cope with. It takes over your entire life and causes more suffering than I can describe. — Laura Hillenbrand

There are confessable agonies, sufferings of which one can positively be proud. Of bereavement, of parting, of the sense of sin and the fear of death the poets have eloquently spoken. They command the world's sympathy. But there are also discreditable anguishes, no less excruciating than the others, but of which the sufferer dare not, cannot speak. The anguish of thwarted desire, for example. — Aldous Huxley

We must look at what immigration to America involves. To the new arrivals, the change is excruciating. Learning a new language and dealing with strange customs make the first years of life in the new land painful...The economic system of the United States is a mighty engine of persuasion. It motivates people to do what otherwise they never would in return for fulfilling their dreams. In the process, people learn that there is no sharp line between physical well-being and the higher purposes of life. The comfort of owning a house is at once meeting the obligation to care for one — John Lachs

Edward Heath and Richard Nixon took personal awkwardness with each other to new and excruciating levels. — David Cameron

I actually had kind of one of those crazy experiences where when I hit, it was black out excruciating pain, and then white out absence of pain, and the subconscience thought that I want to go back. — Brooke Burns

Touring for two years is excruciating. — Chester Bennington

I had my bully, and it was excruciating. Not only the bully, but the intimidation I felt. — Robert Cormier

I don't want to leave New York and leave my family. I don't like the distance. I just did a movie in California and it's kind of excruciating to be away from them so I think there is that sense. — Sigourney Weaver