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My imagination makes me human and makes me a fool; it gives me all the world, and exiles me from it.

Ursula K. Le Guin, writer

Seeking to forget makes exile all the longer; the secret of redemption lies in remembrance.

Richard von Weizsaecker, politician

You would be better off in exile than priding yourself on be like everyone else.

George Weinberg, psychologist

For his mourners will be outcast men, and outcasts always mourn.

Oscar Wilde, dramatist

Only solitary men know the full joys of friendship. Others have their family; but to a solitary and an exile his friends are everything.

Warren G. Harding, president

The ideal place for me is the one in which it is most natural to live as a foreigner.

Italo Calvino, journalist

If I were to live my life over again, I would be an American. I would steep myself in America, I would know no other land.

Henry James, writer

I have loved justice and hated iniquity: therefore I die in exile.

Pope Gregory VII, clergyman

I know how men in exile feed on dreams.

Aeschylus, poet

In New York City, everyone is an exile, none more so than the Americans.

Charlotte Perkins Gilman, writer

Lots of times you can feel as an exile in a country that you were born in.

Azar Nafisi, writer

Voyagers discover that the world can never be larger than the person that is in the world; but it is impossible to foresee this, it is impossible to be warned.

James Baldwin, educator

I dunno what my 23 infantile years in America signify. I left as soon as motion was autarchic -- I mean my motion.

Ezra Pound, poet

In an expanding universe, time is on the side of the outcast. Those who once inhabited the suburbs of human contempt find that without changing their address they eventually live in the metropolis.

Quentin Crisp, writer

I am an invisible man. I am a man of substance, of flesh and bone, fiber and liquids -- and I might even be said to possess a mind. I am invisible, understand, simply because people refuse to see me.

Ralph Ellison, author

Excluded by my birth and tastes from the social order, I was not aware of its diversity. Nothing in the world was irrelevant: the stars on a general's sleeve, the stock-market quotations, the olive harvest, the style of the judiciary, the wheat exchange, flower-beds. Nothing. This order, fearful and feared, whose details were all inter-related, had a meaning: my exile.

Jean Genet, dramatist

Exile as a mode of genius no longer exists; in place of Joyce we have the fragments of work appearing in Index on Censorship.

Nadine Gordimer, novelist

I do not feel an exile from America in any sense.

John C. Hawkes, novelist

Must all of them and their families be physically abolished? Of course not? They must be 'liquidated' or melted in the hot fire of exile and labor into the proletarian masses.

Walter Duranty, journalist

The Opposition aren't really the Opposition. They're just called the Opposition. But in fact they are the Opposition in exile. The Civil Service are the Opposition in residence.

Antony Jay, writer

Pursuing employment or climatic relief, we live in voluntary exile from our extended families and our longer past, but in an involuntary exile from ourselves and our own past.

John Thorn, historian

My exile was not only a physical one, motivated exclusively by political reasons; it was also a moral, social, ideological and sexual exile.

Juan Goytisolo, poet

When the Jewish people, after nearly 2,000 years of exile, under relentless persecution, became a nation again on 14 May 1948 the 'fig tree' put forth its first leaves. Jesus said that this would indicate that He was 'at the door,' ready to return.

Hal Lindsey, writer

One of the things that Ang brings to all of his projects is his deep sense of being a double exile, an outsider's outsider.

Larry Mcmurtry, writer

The revision of the books of Judges, Samuel, and Kings, undertaken towards the end of the Babylonian exile, a revision much more thorough than is commonly assumed, condemns as heretical the whole age of the Kings.

Julius Wellhausen, educator

When the Irishman is found outside of Ireland in another environment, he very often becomes a respected man. The economic and intellectual conditions that prevail in his own country do not permit the development of individuality. No one who has any self-respect stays in Ireland, but flees afar as though from a country that has undergone the visitation of an angered Jove.

James Joyce, novelist

We make a mistake forsaking England and moving out into the periphery of life. After all, Taormina, Ceylon, Africa, America -- as far as we go, they are only the negation of what we ourselves stand for and are: and we're rather like Jonahs running away from the place we belong.

D. H. Lawrence, novelist

Let those who desire a secure homeland conquer it. Let those who do not conquer it live under the whip and in exile, watched over like wild animals, cast from one country to another, concealing the death of their souls with a beggar's smile from the scorn of free men.

Jose Marti, activist

Such is the miraculous nature of the future of exiles: what is first uttered in the impotence of an overheated apartment becomes the fate of nations.

Salman Rushdie, novelist

The realization that he is white in a black country, and respected for it, is the turning point in the expatriate's career. He can either forget it, or capitalize on it. Most choose the latter.

Paul Theroux, novelist

It's been the most astonishing year because I've been having a marvelous adventure, and yet I kind of sympathize with people who have to live in exile, because I've so missed England.

Richard Griffiths, actor

It is strange, how quickly people want to obligate their poets, as it were, on the exile.

Peter Bichsel, writer

Well, I write in exile because I cannot return to my country, so I have no choice but to see myself as an exiled writer.

Guillermo Cabrera Infante, novelist

It would be enough for me to have the system of a jury of twelve versus the system of one judge as a basis for preferring the U.S. to the Soviet Union. I would prefer the country you can leave to the country you cannot.

Joseph Brodsky, poet

It is a mistake to expect good work from expatriates for it is not what they do that matters but what they are not doing.

Cyril Connolly, intellectual

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