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Picture quote by Thich Nhat Hanh about hatred

Hatred and fear blind us. We no longer see each other. We only see the faces of monsters, and that gives us the courage to destroy each other. ⏤ Thich Nhat Hanh

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I never forget a face, but in your case I'll make an exception.

Groucho Marx, comedian

A man's face is his autobiography. A woman's face is her work of fiction.

Oscar Wilde, dramatist

Visionary people face the same problems everyone else faces; but rather than get paralyzed by their problems, visionaries immediately commit themselves to finding a solution.

Bill Hybels, clergyman

Obsessed by a fairy tale, we spend our lives searching for a magic door and a lost kingdom of peace.

Eugene O'Neill, dramatist

The faces that have charmed us the most escape us the soonest.

Walter Scott, novelist

Life itself is the most wonderful fairytale of all.

Hans Christian Andersen, author

Time engraves our faces with all the tears we have not shed.

Natalie Clifford Barney, author

I think your whole life shows in your face and you should be proud of that.

Lauren Bacall, actress

Fairy tales do not tell children the dragons exist. Children already know that dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children the dragons can be killed.

G. K. Chesterton, writer

Alas after a certain age, every man is responsible for his own face.

Albert Camus, philosopher

The face is the index of the mind.


After a certain number of years our faces become our biographies. We get to be responsible for our faces.

Cynthia Ozick, novelist

Every man's life is a fairy-tale written by God's fingers.

Hans Christian Andersen, author

Real courage is knowing what faces you and knowing how to face it.

Timothy Dalton, actor

My face looks like a wedding-cake left out in the rain.

W. H. Auden, poet

It is only at the first encounter that a face makes its full impression on us.

Arthur Schopenhauer, philosopher

The tartness of his face sours ripe grapes.

William Shakespeare, dramatist

People remain what they are even if their faces fall apart.

Bertolt Brecht, poet

Was this the face that launched a thousand ships, and burnt the topless towers of Ileum?

Christopher Marlowe, dramatist

Wicked thoughts and worthless efforts gradually set their mark on the face, especially the eyes.

Arthur Schopenhauer, philosopher

If I were two-faced, would I be wearing this one?

Abraham Lincoln, president

This face is a dog's snout sniffing for garbage, snakes nest in that mouth, I hear the sibilant threat.

Walt Whitman, poet

The bad fortune of the good turns their faces up to heaven; the good fortune of the bad bows their heads down to the earth.

Lucius Annaeus Seneca, statesman

Sometimes you forget where the heck you are but when you get on stage, you know by the look on the people's faces and the accent in their voices where you might be.

Jason Mraz, musician

It is the common wonder of all men, how among so many million faces, there should be none alike.

Sir Thomas Browne,

The eyes those silent tongues of love.

Miguel de Cervantes, novelist

Many openly show discontentment with their looks, but few with their intelligence. I, however, assure you there are many more plain minds than faces.

Bryant H. McGill, poet

There is only one woman in the world. One woman, with many faces.

Nikos Kazantzakis, writer

As life runs on, the road grows strange with faces new - and near the end. The milestones into headstones change, Neath every one a friend.

James Russell Lowell, poet

Each morning my characters greet me with misty faces willing, though chilled, to muster for another day's progress through the dazzling quicksand the marsh of blank paper.

John Updike, novelist

It has been said that a pretty face is a passport. But it's not, it's a visa, and it runs out fast.

Julie Burchill, journalist

New faces have more authority than accustomed ones.

Euripides, poet

The Peruvian faces are completely different from that faces in Argentina and in Brazil.

Walter Salles, director

There's a quality of legend about freaks. Like a person in a fairy tale who stops you and demands that you answer a riddle.

Diane Arbus, photographer

A face is like the outside of a house, and most faces, like most houses, give us an idea of what we can expect to find inside.

Loretta Young, actress

Genuine forgiveness does not deny anger but faces it head-on.

Alice Duer Miller, poet

Sir Larry could be very strict and a disciplinarian, too. He had many faces; he wore many hats. But, ultimately, he loved the theater and he loved actors.

Derek Jacobi, actor

I believe that robots should only have faces if they truly need them.

Donald Norman, scientist

I would prefer to have a more appealing job. If I could still change careers, I would prefer it. This unfortunate art is made for long beards and ugly faces rather than for a relatively well-endowed woman.

Camille Claudel, sculptor

I love giving gifts and I love receiving them. I really like giving little kids extravagant gifts. You see their little faces light up and they get excited. If it's a really good gift, I love receiving it, like jewels, small islands.

Gina Gershon, actress

While Social Security faces some long-term challenges, the system is not in crisis.

Chaka Fattah, politician

Since that first showing of Foolish Wives I have seemed to walk through vast crowds of people, their white American faces turned towards me in stern reproof.

Erich von Stroheim, actor

I have got one of those faces that change every day: you can dress me up, make me look vampy and then make me look 12 years old. But don't all women do this thing? We all take on these roles.

Geri Halliwell, musician

It comes with faith, for with complete faith there is no fear of what faces you in life or death.

Jacqueline Cochran, aviator

But let no one be under any doubt that the scale of the challenge that Europe faces in this emerging global economy is immense and the practical pace of our collective action to meet these challenge to date has just been too slow.

John Hutton, educator

We did not know there were other people besides the Indian until about one hundred winters ago, when some men with white faces came to our country.

Chief Joseph, leader

Groupies to me, were people who followed you around. Familiar faces who were always there, asking for autographs. We have more of those now, but they're not sexual.

Davy Jones, musician

Islam has shown two faces to the Jews, one benevolent, one less so.

Jack Schwartz, scientist

It's very schizophrenic because I like a lot of very straight pop, like Small Faces, Stones, Kinks; and on the other hand, I like a lot of avant garde things.

Andy Partridge, musician

Christianity had two faces which bewildered me - two pictures which didn't fit.

Lionel Blue, clergyman

Don't ask questions of fairy tales.

Jewish Folk Saying,

Clowns wear a face that's painted intentionally on them so they appear to be happy or sad. What kind of mask are you wearing today?


Tom's great yellow bronze mask all draped upon an iron framework. An inhibited, nerve-drawn; dropped face -- as if hung on a scaffold of heavy private brooding; and thought.

Virginia Woolf, author

When the first baby laughed for the first time, the laugh broke into a thousand pieces and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies. And now when every new baby is born its first laugh becomes a fairy. So there ought to be one fairy for every boy or girl.

James Barrie,

Lights became so hot they melted mascara on women's faces in early television.

Johnny Olson, entertainer

I asked him if he ever hung out with black guys in high school and he said, 'Well, no. They always had these angry looks on their faces. Who wouldn't look ticked off having to deal with nitwits like him?

Al Roker, entertainer

I think I'm a million different faces.

Rachael Leigh Cook, actress

My sisters said, Why do you make those faces? You make yourself so ugly.

Paul Lynde, comedian

Sometimes during a ballet I'll look around and see all these rows of intent faces, concentrating on this beautiful thing up on the stage.

Robert Caro, writer

For those who immerse themselves in what the fairy tale has to communicate, it becomes a deep, quiet pool which at first seems to reflect only our own image; but behind it we soon discover the inner turmoils of our soul - its depth, and ways to gain peace within ourselves and with the world, which is the reward of our struggles.

Bruno Bettelheim, writer

There must be possible a fiction which, leaving sociology and case histories to the scientists, can arrive at the truth about the human condition, here and now, with all the bright magic of the fairy tale.

Ralph Ellison, author

The fairytale is irresponsible; it is frankly imaginary, and its purpose is to gratify wishes, as a dream does flatter.

Susanne K. Langer,

I would not know how I am supposed to feel about many stories if not for the fact that the TV news personalities make sad faces for sad stories and happy faces for happy stories.

Dave Barry, journalist

I praticed making faces in the mirror and it would drive my mother crazy. She used to scare me by saying that I was going to see the devil if I kept looking in the mirror. That fascinated me even more, of course.

Jim Carrey, comedian

There was a time when people said, 'Jim, if you keep on making faces, your face will freeze like that.' Now they just say, 'Pay him!'

Jim Carrey, comedian

The problem that faces our country today, the last 30 years we have lived off the future, and the bill is coming due. So there cannot be anything that is not put on the table. There will not be one American that will not be called to sacrifice. Those that are more well-to-do will be called to sacrifice to a greater extent.

Tom Coburn, politician

I love live music and I love to see people's faces when I'm performing.

Leighton Meester, actress

I think the biggest things I am looking forward to is getting new faces into the sport. Getting kids who could be afraid of water to feel comfortable in the pool.

Michael Phelps, swimmer

I don't do the L.A. scene. I stay focused and very myopic. I don't feel I need to prove myself or be in people's faces, especially in this town.

Taylor Kitsch, actor

Women's Lib? Poor little things. They always look so unhappy. Have you noticed how bitter their faces are?

Joan Crawford, actress

We, the generation that faces the next century, can add the solemn injunction "If we don't do the impossible, we shall be faced with the unthinkable."

Petra Kelly, politician

Sometimes I'll get to the end of a song, open my eyes and there's all these faces peering at me. It's quite horrifying.

Robert Smith, musician

I have eyes like those of a dead pig.

Marlon Brando, actor

When matters are desperate we must put on a desperate face.

Robert Burn,

A blank helpless sort of face, rather like a rose just before you drench it with D.D.T.

John Carey,

He had a face like a blessing.

Miguel de Cervantes, novelist

A strange and somewhat impassive physiognomy is often, perhaps, an advantage to an orator, or leader of any sort, because it helps to fix the eye and fascinate the mind.

Charles Horton Cooley, sociologist

A man finds room in the few square inches of the face for the traits of all his ancestors; for the expression of all his history, and his wants.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, poet

As a beauty I'm not a great star. Others are handsomer far; but my face -- I don't mind it because I'm behind it; it the folks out in front that I jar.

A. H. Euwer,

The human face is the organic seat of beauty. It is the register of value in development, a record of Experience, whose legitimate office is to perfect the life, a legible language to those who will study it, of the majestic mistress, the soul.

Eliza Farnham, activist

I am the family face; flesh perishes, I live on, projecting trait and trace through time to times anon, and leaping from place to place over oblivion.

Thomas Hardy, novelist

Her face was her chaperone.

Rupert Hughes,

Our masks, always in peril of smearing or cracking, in need of continuous check in the mirror or silverware, keep us in thrall to ourselves, concerned with our surfaces.

Carolyn Kizer,

The serial number of a human specimen is the face, that accidental and unrepeatable combination of features. It reflects neither character nor soul, nor what we call the self. The face is only the serial number of a specimen.

Milan Kundera, writer

We can see nothing whatever of the soul unless it is visible in the expression of the countenance; one might call the faces at a large assembly of people a history of the human soul written in a kind of Chinese ideograms.

G. C. (Georg Christoph) Lichtenberg, scientist

Every man over forty is responsible for his face.

Abraham Lincoln, president

A face is too slight a foundation for happiness.

Mary Wortley Montagu, writer

That the public can grow accustomed to any face is proved by the increasing prevalence of Keith's ruined physiognomy on TV documentaries and chat shows, as familiar and homely a horror as Grandpa in The Munsters.

Philip Norman,

... all his faces were designed to express rage or loathing. Now that something had happened which really deserved a face, he had none to celebrate it with. As a kind of token, he made his Sex Life in Ancient Rome face.

Kingsley Amis, novelist

The features of our face are hardly more than gestures which force of habit made permanent. Nature, like the destruction of Pompeii, like the metamorphosis of a nymph into a tree, has arrested us in an accustomed movement.

Marcel Proust, author

A man's face as a rule says more, and more interesting things, than his mouth, for it is a compendium of everything his mouth will ever say, in that it is the monogram of all this man's thoughts and aspirations.

Arthur Schopenhauer, philosopher

Thus is his cheek the map of days outworn.

William Shakespeare, dramatist

It's funny that all these goths paint their faces with such white make-up and that is the actual colour of my skin, I am that pale!

Kelly Osbourne, actress

I love walking down the street and seeing faces and drama and happiness and sadness and dirt and cleanliness.

Ric Ocasek, musician

All that remains is the faces and the names of the wives and the sons and the daughters.

Gordon Lightfoot, musician

My best friend and I love to make fish faces.

Beverley Mitchell, actress

Inevitably, these sorts of things are going to come back to blow up in people's faces.

Gregg Easterbrook, author

I have always loved to sit in ferry and railroad stations and watch the people, to walk on crowded streets, just walk along among the people, and see their faces, to be among people on street cars and trains and boats.

Ella R. Bloor,

I shall never forget the despair and agony on the parents' faces on the awful day of the funeral when the 13 little children, victims not only of John D. Rockefeller, but of the government of the state of Colorado were buried.

Ella R. Bloor,

I can see in your eyes, I can see in your faces, I can see you cry. But what I want to say, there's no reason to cry. Do not, in the name of peace, go in the streets and riot.

George Weah, politician

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