quote by Alexander Calder

My fan mail is enormous. Everyone is under six.

— Alexander Calder

Fulfilling Fan Mail quotations

The people who send us fan mail written in blood say the nicest things, so it doesn't freak us out too much.

Fan mail quote Love your haters,theyre your biggest fans.
Love your haters,theyre your biggest fans.

Sometimes I go, “What am I doing with my life?” But then I get letters from young women, or people come up to me, and they say, “You’ve made such a difference to my confidence.” And that is a good thing. I should read more fan mail though. I’m crap at responding.

Fan mail quote Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.
Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.

I get an awful lot of fan mail, and I read all that I can.

I get some female attention from fans, but mostly it's people asking for advice about a situation with their ex or their boyfriend, so it's not all love letters and fan mail!

I still get so much fan mail addressed to Carol Brady, and I think a lot of it's through the Net. And I always answer it, if it's legible.

Fan mail quote Set your Life on Fire. Seek those who Fan your Flames
Set your Life on Fire. Seek those who Fan your Flames

swans ... always look as though they'd just been reading their own fan-mail.

Fan mail is one thing, but fans you meet in person are a different matter entirely.

A woman called Rose has written to me every day for the last 15 years.

That's dedication. It's not quite fan mail, but a woman in Frome, Somerset, thought she was married to me. She was so convinced, it actually ended up in court, which was a drag. You can only claim that in a court of law once in your life.

Fan mail quote I'm not a fan of idleness, except in small doses.
I'm not a fan of idleness, except in small doses.

My publisher had mailed [Bret Easton Ellis] Richard Yates.

And when I talked to him he said he had read all my prose books. And he said something like, "You got a lot of mileage out of Dakota Fanning."

My mother answers all my fan mail.

I don't answer fan mail. I don't have time for that. It's like hundreds of thousands of people who think they're going to become millionaires getting autographs from movie actors. I don't have time for those idiots. I've got stuff to do.

Although I get so much fan mail from Great Britain, tell me, am I more famous there than Michael Madsen?

My fan mail is what keeps me going.

I personally call one of my fans every month. I answer all of my own fan mail.

Peace and love, peace and love!

I guess I'm not that aware of such a big fan base.

I have a few core people who write me no matter what I'm doing, but I hardly have sacks of mail being dropped on my door!

I mean I appreciate fan mail and that the people like what I am doing but I can't answer it. If I would answer 25 letters a day I would be just a guy answering mail and not an artist anymore.

It's weird because my parents don't really understand my business.

I get fan mail all day long, but if a piece happens to get to their house, they're like, 'Oh, my God, you've got a fan! You have to write them back. You have to do it!

I love receiving fan mail.

I think it's a sensible thing not to read your fan mail - not to take it too seriously.

In terms of being a role model, I didn't start out to be one.

I don't go to work every day with that in mind. But, I do get a lot of fan mail from young girls.

I take the fan response very seriously and respond personally to my fan mail.

I also try to read all of my fan mail.

A lot of them send me candy, which I'm not allowed to eat 'cause my mom says it might be poisonous.

Some of the best fan mail I get are from our men and women in the military and intelligence communities. They say, 'Boy you do your homework, this is exactly how we're doing it.'

I was one of the first authors to have an active website.

I'm totally obsessed with technology. I'm always looking for ways to connect with my readers. I answer all my fan mail.

Star Wars was not a very big part but I enjoyed doing it and I get more fan mail for that than anything else I've ever done. It's quite extraordinary, it comes in every day, unbelievable.

We work hard on the show. We really believe in the show. It's an enormous privilege to work on a show that has the power to touch people's lives in such a positive way. The fan mail and the e-mail certainly reflect that.

I found through my fan mail that women... really wanted a role model.

I don't know if I'm a heartthrob or if I want to be one! I heard that I get the most fan mail. It's very flattering, and lovely to be popular with the public.

Because of YouTube, I'm getting fan mail from 10-year-olds and teenagers and college kids.

In 'The Secret Agent,' it's basically a character that was admired by Theodore Kaczynski, which is some fan mail you don't really want to open. This is a man who is a chemist and who specializes in making bombs and despises humanity.

Bands now are always trying to make their presence known through social networking and whatnot, but that's just the same as bands before the Internet age trying to connect with fans in some other way. But I don't follow people on Facebook, I think that's creepy. I wouldn't want them following me on Facebook. I don't even have a mailing list.

With all the hype that computer graphics has been getting, everybody thinks there's nothing better than CGI, but I do get a lot of fan mail saying they prefer our films to anything with CGI in it. I'm grateful for that, and we made them on tight budgets, so they were considered B-pictures because of that. And, now here we are, and they've outlasted many so-called A-pictures.

I had some pretty weird fan mail growing up, sometimes from prison and wherever else. Nothing too intense. Some superfans that maybe went a little overboard with gifts and whatnot, expecting something other than what it could be with a kid. That's a little weird. But at the same time, it's like, "Hey, I'm getting free video games. I'm not going to return it if you sent it!" Thankfully we never felt unsafe.