Most Powerful Fantasyland quotations

Here is the world of imagination, hopes, and dreams.

In this timeless land of enchantment, the age of chivalry, magic and make-believe are reborn - and fairy tales come true. Fantasyland is dedicated to the young-in-heart, to those who that when you wish upon a star, your dreams come true.

The best companies are able to realize earnings in cash, not through calculations that belong in fantasyland.

We don't live in Disneyland. We live in blood and in time, not in Fantasyland. We live in a tragic world.

There's always - somehow a red carpet everywhere.

And I think that, you know, it's a fantasyland out here, you know. It's beautiful. It's sunny all the time. You know, there are beautiful people everywhere because you're not allowed to cross the Los Angeles city lines unless you're beautiful or skinny - joking kind of.

President Obama will be going to Disney World where he'll unveil his new plan to create jobs. And what better place for the president to talk about his jobs plan than Fantasyland?

While I wholeheartedly believe in choosing to approach every challenge with a great attitude, I don't mean that we should abandon authenticity and live in fantasyland.

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