Colossal Favourite Singer quotations

When I started‚ I faced a lot of hardships.

People used to call me a Rafi clone because I used to sing my favourite singer's songs. Then 'Sa Re Ga Ma Pa' happened. It gave me a good break.

I remember Elton John used to be their owner and he is my favourite singer! I hope the match will be an opportunity to meet Elton John!

I've never been more moved by a voice than I have been by Roy Orbison.

I loved him personally, and I loved his voice. I think of him often and frequently listen to his songs.

Denzal Sinclaire embodies the tradition of the great singers I love like Nat Cole, yet definitely has his own voice. He is one of my favourite singers.

Lizz Wright is my favourite singer. Her voice moves me and takes me to another place. She also grows her own food and that inspires me.

I'm not a great lover of Madonna's voice.

She's done very well with what she's got, and I'm sure my voice turns her right off, but she's not my favourite singer.

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