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I don't think I have the stomach Veronica has. I think I have the determination and the stubbornness and a little bit of the go-get-em. But I think I'm about 20 percent more girl than Veronica is. There's a lot of Veronica that hits home with me, the sort of feisty area. But I think that I have a little bit more girl. I'd scream my head off if I saw a body in the freezer. — Kristen Bell

There's a directness and a feistiness to being from Jersey. — Ali Larter

Looking back Little Lulu was an early feminist, but at the time I just thought she was a really feisty developed comic strip character. — Bill Griffith

The polls indicated that I was feisty, that I was tough, that I had a sense of humor, but they weren't quite sure if they liked me and they didn't know whether or not that I was sensitive. — Geraldine Ferraro

I am certainly not drama-free in my life, and I used to be a lot more feisty, but I have arrived at a place where I really try to not sweat the small stuff anymore. — Yolanda Hadid

I was a pretty feisty young kid. — John Newcombe

Almost without exception, members of great groups see themselves as winning underdogs, as a feisty David hurling fresh ideas at a big, backward-looking Goliath. They always have an "enemy." — Warren G. Bennis

So, first, I wanted to be a part of the project because I thought it was an important story to tell. On top of that, it's rare to find roles for strong, young, feisty women, especially in a military film. And I love that Suarez ends up being the moral compass of the story, and that she's also brave enough to stand up to all these men. — Zoe Kravitz