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Dont fill you head with worries, there wont be room for anything else

If you are filled with pride, then you will have no room for wisdom. — African Proverbs

The cemeteries are filled with people who thought the world couldn't get along without them. — Proverbs

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. — William Butler Yeats

The struggle itself towards the heights is enough to fill a man's heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy. — Albert Camus

The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled. — Plutarch

The nearest to perfection that most people come is when filling out an employment application. — Unknown

Love, whether newly born, or aroused from a deathlike slumber, must always create sunshine, filling the heart so full of radiance, this it overflows upon the outward world. — Nathaniel Hawthorne

In so far as one denies what is, one is possessed by what is not, the compulsions, the fantasies, the terrors that flock to fill the void. — Ursula K. LeGuin

Fill factor quotes - Fill factor may refer to: Fill factor (solar cell), the ratio of maximum obtainable power to the product of the open-circuit voltage and short-circuit

Shannon Fill quotes - Shannon Fill is a former TV actress. Active from 1992 to 1995, she portrayed Sito Jaxa in Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes "The First Duty" (1992)

Fill (music) quotes - In popular music, a fill is a short musical passage, riff, or rhythmic sound which helps to sustain the listener's attention during a break between the

Flood fill quotes - Flood fill, also called seed fill, is an algorithm that determines the area connected to a given node in a multi-dimensional array. It is used in the

Nathan Fillion quotes - Nathan Fillion (/ˈfɪliən/; born March 27, 1971) is a Canadian-American actor, best known for the leading roles of Captain Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds on Firefly

Fill rate quotes - Fillrate or fill rate can refer to: Fillrate, a measure of graphics performance Service rate, a logistics measure of ordering performance Fill rate, a logistics

Cut and fill quotes - cut and fill is the process of constructing a railway, road or canal whereby the amount of material from cuts roughly matches the amount of fill needed

Dam quotes - rock-fill and earth-fill dams. Embankment dams rely on their weight to hold back the force of water, like gravity dams made from concrete. Rock-fill dams

Fill power quotes - Fill power is a measure of the loft or "fluffiness" of a down product that is loosely related to the insulating value of the down. The higher the fill