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Let me completely condemn these sickening scenes; scenes of looting, scenes of vandalism, scenes of thieving, scenes of people attacking police, of people even attacking firefighters. This is criminality pure and simple and it has to be confronted. — David Cameron

I think what should be celebrated about our campaign is we have over 3 million people who have contributed to our campaign - teachers, firefighters, nurses, retirees. They're making up the backbone of this field organization in the country. — David Plouffe

Police and firefighters are great, but they don't create wealth. They protect it. That's crucial. Teaching is a wonderful profession. Teachers help educate people to become good citizens so that citizens can then go create wealth. But they don't create the wealth themselves. — Rush Limbaugh

I'm so proud of Maryland's firefighters, risking their lives to protect others, but we need to protect our protectors with the best equipment training and resources. — Barbara Mikulski

Firefighters are essential to the safety and security of our local communities. We owe it to these men and women to provide them with better training and equipment so they can do their jobs more effectively and safely. — Carl Levin

Delaware's firefighters put their lives in jeopardy every day in an effort to keep families safe. — Thomas Carper

Firefighters are indispensable foot soldiers here at home. — Christopher Dodd

You have to do something in your life that is honorable and not cowardly if you are to live in peace with yourself, and for the firefighter it is fire. — Larry Brown