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I am physically allergic to flip-flops.

An artist must be a reactionary. He has to stand out against the tenor of the age and not go flopping along. — Evelyn Waugh

Nonviolence is a flop. The only bigger flop is violence. — Joan Baez

You do the work and you want people to see it; but, um while I'm doing the work, the result doesn't matter at all to me. Ultimately, I don't, I don't care whether the film is - you know - some big giant box-office bonanza and I don't care if its a complete flop. To me, when a film gets made and it's actually finished it's a success. They're all a success in their own way. — Johnny Depp

It takes time and energy, and if I'm working, then I'd rather flop in front of the telly than put on a tiny dress and work out how to get myself to God knows where. I mean, lazy some would call it. — Daisy Donovan

It's fairly obvious that American education is a cultural flop. Americans are not a well-educated people culturally, and their vocational education often has to be learned all over again after they leave school and college. On the other hand, they have open quick minds and if their education has little sharp positive value, it has not the stultifying effects of a more rigid training. — Raymond Chandler

The only thing that's been a worse flop than the organization of non-violence has been the organization of violence. — Joan Baez

The second half of the twentieth century is a complete flop. — Isaac Bashevis Singer

I was aware that everybody said I was going to be a vast mega-flop, and that William Hague was just oh-so intelligent, and oh such a great parliamentarian, and therefore so different from me! So I thought, I must deprive them of the satisfaction of proving themselves right. — Harriet Harman