The first principle of a free society is an untrammeled flow of words in an open forum.
— Adlai Stevenson

The United Nations cannot do anything, and never could; it is not an animate entity or agent. It is a place, a stage, a forum and a shrine... a place to which powerful people can repair when they are fearful about the course on which their own rhetoric seems to be propelling them.
Conor Cruise O'Brien forum quote

In many of our [online] courses, the median response time for a question on the question and answer forum was 22 minutes - which is not a level of service I have ever offered to my Stanford students.
— Daphne Koller

Beyond exhibiting contemporary art, the Hirshhorn will become a public forum, a place of discourse for issues around arts, culture, politics and policy.
— Liz Diller

I never would rule out a great character or a great story. I don't care what the forum is. If I get to tell a story that I'm excited about, I'm in.
— Katherine Heigl