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I made the decision that I was going to make rap music in, like, fourth grade, so it's been something I was saying for a long time.

— Chance the Rapper

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A fourth-grade reader may be a sixth-grade mathematician.

The grade is an administrative device which does violence to the nature of the developmental process.

Fourth grade quote A person is up-graded and degraded by his attitude.
A person is up-graded and degraded by his attitude.

I only went to the third grade because my father only went to the fourth and I didn't want to pass him.

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I don't miss anything about the 1960s, not really.

I did it. It's like asking, 'Do you miss the fourth grade?' I loved the fourth grade when I was in it, but I don't want to do it again.

In fourth grade, I missed 82 days of school. Out of 160.

All the math you need in the stock market you get in the fourth grade.

And this year, when we end the cruel, defeatist practice of passing children who cannot read into fourth grade, and when our most diligent students begin to graduate from high school in 11 years, and get a head start on college costs with the dollars they earned through their hard work, others will take notice of Indiana yet again.

It was much later that I realized Dad's secret.

He gained respect by giving it. He talked and listened to the fourth-grade kids in Spring Valley who shined shoes the same way he talked and listened to a bishop or a college president. He was seriously interested in who you were and what you had to say.

At the fourth grade level, girls at the same percentages of boys say they're interested in careers in engineering or math or astrophysics, but by eighth grade that has dropped precipitously.

You can't have an honest fourth grade school teacher.

Mr. and Mrs. Jones, Johnny, your son, your only child, the fruit of your loin, is a moron. I have no idea how this kid finds a door to get out of the house in the morning. If I were you, I would waste him and start over. Now, I say that with all due respect.

I went to law school. I found it interesting for the first three weeks. By the fourth week, I found it tedious. I got bored and grew restless. I had no other plan for a job, because from seventh grade on, I had planned on law. So I shifted my focus from classes to extracurricular activities.

I have loved football as an almost mythic game since I was in the fourth grade.

To me, the game wasn't even grounded in reality. The uniform turned you into a warrior. Being on a team, the mythology of physical combat, the struggle against the elements, the narrative of the game.

Having a sense of fun in books is a huge, huge deal, because a lot of times kids - even me when I got to third or fourth grade - don't associate reading with fun.

No mathematician in the world would bother making these senseless distinctions: 2 1/2 is a "mixed number " while 5/2 is an "improper fraction." They're EQUAL for crying out loud. They are the exact same numbers and have the exact same properties. Who uses such words outside of fourth grade?

I stopped going to school in the middle of fourth grade.

Everyone grows up with the peer pressure, and kids being mean to each other in school. I think that's such a horrible thing, but I never really dealt with it in a high school way.

When I was in the fourth grade, I became intensely interested in geography and I learned it well.

I'd love to go back and teach primary school.

I used to teach fourth grade and fifth grade. I'd love to spend several years teaching kindergarten or maybe third grade.

By the fourth grade, I graduated to an erector set and spent many happy hours constructing devices of unknown purpose where the main design criterion was to maximize the number of moving parts and overall size.

When I was in fourth grade... this wonderful teacher said you didn't have to write a book report, you could just talk about the book, you could do a drawing of the book, you could write a play inspired by the book, and that's what I did. I got to be so famous. I had to go around to every school and perform it. It was just so natural and fun.

The first book I ever wrote was in fourth grade and it was called 'Billy's Booger.' It was an autobiographical piece about a kid who was really bad at math.

When I was in fourth grade I was drawing Jordans when my mama couldn't afford them.

When I was in fourth grade, a novelist came to talk to my English class.

She told us that being an author meant sitting at the kitchen table in pajamas, drinking tea with the dogs at your feet.

The first time I shot the hook, I was in fourth grade, and I was about five feet eight inches tall. I put the ball up and felt totally at ease with the shot. I was completely confident it would go in. I've been shooting it ever since.

I secretly hate worship music, as it's it weak and predictable, with lyrics designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator - not the greatest art ever created by mankind, as I think true worship should attempt to be. Very talented people make some very bad songs so that people with a fourth grade reading level can sing along.

My parents were divorced and my dad was in the Marines.

I lived in California until I was 10 then we moved to Bettendorf, Iowa when I was in the fourth grade. I had an older brother so it made it a little easier to adjust to things.

I learned the word non-conformist in fourth grade and immediately announced that I would grow up to become one.

Really, he called me that? Ellen DeGenerate? I've been getting that since fourth grade. I guess I'm happy I could give him work.

When I was in fourth grade, we were learning vocabulary words, and the word nonconformist came up. The teacher said, "It's somebody who whatever everybody is doing, they do the opposite." I remember raising my hand and saying, "Mrs. Christiansen, I would like to be a nonconformist."

It would have to be connected with performance art somehow, either in the front of the house or the back. I was myopic about this from fourth grade on.

After the turmoil of the Second World War, my family ended up in Russian-occupied East Germany. When I attended fourth grade, I had to learn Russian as my first foreign language in school. I found this quite difficult because of the Cyrillic alphabet, but as time went on, I seemed to do all right.

I asked all through third, fourth and fifth grade, when they were asking kids to be in the band, to be in the school band. But they wouldn't let me do it.

I just always loved mythology, ever since I was a kid.

Greek mythology was something I remember learning about in fourth grade, and Egypt, too, and something about both those things just clicked with me. I just thought they both were so beautiful and interesting to learn about.

Niggas on the internet know everything.

You could make a freestyle tape in the fourth grade and they'll know about it.

I also really like to read good books and I don't have enough time to do it.

So it's really hard for me to imagine willingly submitting myself to a trilogy of books that I've been told are at the fourth grade reading level which isn't a very nice thing to say but.

Very talented people make some very bad songs so that people with a fourth grade reading level can sing along. Sure, corporate worship is good- but for me, I get very bored in Church trying to worship.