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There is no civil nor religios law, that has broken, nor can break the bond of fraternity which nature has established between men.

Great perils have this beauty, that they bring to light the fraternity of strangers. — Victor Hugo

No one will ever win the battle of the sexes; there's too much fraternizing with the enemy. — Henry A Kissinger

The deadly Hydra now is the hydra of Equality. Liberty, Equality and Fraternity is the three-fanged serpent. — D. H. Lawrence

There is a healthy fraternal rivalry, but nothing serious and we both have been looking for a project to do together. I guess he may direct me in a project some day. — Mackenzie Astin

Between richer and poorer classes in a free country a mutually respecting antagonism is much healthier than pity on the one hand and dependence on the other, as is, perhaps, the next best thing to fraternal feeling. — Charles Horton Cooley

Of course we women gossip on occasion. But our appetite for it is not as avid as a man s. It is in the boys gyms, the college fraternity houses, the club locker rooms, the paneled offices of business that gossip reaches its luxuriant flower. — Phyllis Mcginley

Why do so many young people literally die to belong to fraternities, sororities, and other college social organizations? The answer is complicated, but here is a starting point:Ever since the medieval universities were founded, young people have done whatever it takes to gain acceptance, to break with their past lives, to achieve a sense of power, to carve out a society of their own that isn't quite what their tutors and teachers had in mind. In the United States, hazing and drinking have been endemic since colonial days. — Hank Nuwer

I feel that the Godhead is broken up like the bread at the Supper, and that we are the pieces. Hence this infinite fraternity of feeling. — Herman Melville