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My school had a radio show, and when I first decided to become a rapper, I was on there, and I would, like, freestyle. — Juice Wrld

I feel good. I'm up there. I got third in the 100 'fly, I've qualified in the top eight already for the 100 freestyle. — Libby Trickett

Actually freestyle really comes from 'Planet Rock'. If you listen to all the freestyle records you'll hear that they are based on 'Planet Rock'. All the Miami Bass records are based upon Planet Rock. — Afrika Bambaataa

You know, that's kind of the thing, I can't freestyle and I used to always wonder why I couldn't, and when I would try once out of every six months, but I was always a great writer! — Bubba Sparxxx

I'm in the game of spinning plates. I'm spinning a boxing plate. I'm spinning a Tae Kwon Do plate. I'm spinning a Jujitsu plate. I'm spinning a freestyle wrestling plate. I'm spinning a karate plate. If I was to put all them down and have one boxing plate spinning, it would be like a load off my shoulders. — Conor McGregor

I freestyle everything. — Juice Wrld

I really didn't want to rap; I was just a regular kid. My friend - his name is William Aston - we went to the same high school together, and he was rapping. He put out a freestyle over Chris Brown's 'Look at Me Now,' and it was fire, and the whole school went crazy. — Lil Uzi Vert

I must say, I've been in the studio with Jay Z, dog... I thought the freestyle thing was a myth. But, bro! — Travis Scott