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Live life to the fullest because it only happens once.

Although time seems to fly by, it never travels faster than one day at a time. Each day is a new opportunity to live your life to the fullest. — Steve Maraboli

Live life to the fullest, for the future is scarce. — Nick Carter

I decided at 15 that I didn't want to be one of those artists that gets up and sings love songs they don't mean. I decided that I was going to be me to the fullest extent, that my songs were going to reflect relationships I've had, things I've been through, and even the stuff I'm embarrassed about. — Pink

I know why I am here and my only real focused goal is to live each day to the fullest and to try and honor God and be an encouragement to others. What the future holds is firmly in God's hands, and I am very happy about that! — Ken Hensley

If you desire to drain to the dregs the fullest cup of scorn and hatred that a fellow human being can pour out for you, let a young mother hear you call dear baby it. — Jerome K. Jerome

Literature is the human activity that make the fullest and most precise account of variousness, possibility, complexity, and difficulty. — Lionel Trilling

No man can fight his way to the top and stay at the top without exercising the fullest measure of grit, courage, determination, resolution. Every man who gets anywhere does so because he has first firmly resolved to progress in the world and then has enough stick-to-it-tiveness to transform his resolution into reality. Without resolution, no man can win any worthwhile place among his fellow men. — B. C. Forbes

It is our belief that if people are set free to express themselves to the fullest, their accomplishments will be far beyond their dreams, and they will not only contribute to the growth of the company, but will also be more useful citizens and contribute to the society at large. — Wilton M. Blount