quote by Jeffrey Wright

I like New York because you're kind of forced to smell everybody else's funk. So it keeps you biologically attached to the world around you.

— Jeffrey Wright

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Question: Why is that MC's be wack And major labels wanna sign that crap? A-yo...funk that!

The Rat Pack was the piece that really kicked me out of that little funk that I was in and then Ted called me up and asked me if I wanted to be the dad in Blow.

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If you fake the funk, your nose will grow.

I started buying records in the 80s. I listened to everything new wave, disco, funk synth-pop, rock, but in my house we were listening to bossa nova, tango, and folk.

Funk is the absence of any and everything you can think of, but the very essence of all that is. And saying that, I'm saying funk is anything that we create in our minds that we want to do, what we want to be, but we don't have the resources.

The world doesn't need another clothing company. But it does need a certain funk.

I only got a seventh-grade education, but I have a doctorate in funk, and I like to put that to good use

Occasionally pick up speed-for 2 minutes, tops-then settle back into your former pace. Sometimes this is all you need to snap out of a mental and physical funk. Pick a downhill stretch if you can, and really lengthen your stride.

Funkers are people who dig the funk; Little funkers, Big funkers, Old funkers, Young funkers, Foxy funkers, Mother funkers, Papa funkers.

I come equipped with stereophonic funk producin´ disco inducin´ twin magnetic rock receptors.

I got dead bodies rotting in my Benz trunk. Trunk of funk, I call it.

Funk is fun. And it's also a state of mind, ... But it's all the ramifications of that state of mind. Once you've done the best you can, funk it!

Funk 'em, just to see the look on their face.

Funk never dies. It is eternal. It just smells a little different from time to time.

Funk, gospel, blues is all out of slavery times, out of depression, out of sorrow.

I have never met one person who likes Grand Funk.

Funk is the unending cycle of life.

When I was younger, I was listening to a lot of Armenian music, you know, revolutionary music about freedom and protest. In the 70s I was listening to soul and the Bee Gees and ABBA, and funk.

This is jazz, this is funk, this is soul, this is gospel This is sanctified sick, this is player Pentecostal. This is church front pew, Amen, pulpit, What my people need and the opposite of bullshit.

Rock and roll to the beat of the funk fuzz Wipe your feet really good on the rhythm rug If you feel the urge to freak, do the jitterbug Come and spread your arms if you really need a hug.

Funk is the unending cycle of life. It's the ultimate concept—wherever your imagination will take it.

Of course I'm funky like fat people having intercourse.

Basically, the funk is stuck in your teeth...so get the dental floss.

I'm always surprised that I'm still around funk and that people are still into it.

[I listen to] "Uptown Funk", Bruno Mars, sometimes even Nina Simone and Adele.

Whatever comes up, whatever floats my boat, whatever makes me tap into something in me to just decompress - I listen to that.

I played in a band and attended Grambling University.

I think the Mob style funk music I do was patterned after the big college bands. I was also influenced by groundbreaking efforts of Too Short.

Off stage it's cool-out time. You can't funk and roll ALL the time.

When I leave a room, it's gonna be footprints of funk wherever I stepped, because I'm a soul-funk crusader.

Grime is a particular style of music.

You've got electro, funk and garage; grime is its darker side. It's constantly evolving.

Whenever I think about funk music, it has a look - and that's how it sounds.

I do feel ashamed of having participated to the slightest even as a tool in those dark days. But I was obliged to serve the state to which I had taken an oath. It was a tragic fate.

I'm trying to change the root of funk, trying to make it more progressive, more melodic and more lyrically structured.

Punk Funk means to be one with yourself.

To be rebellious, aggressive, able to do and say what you feel at all times, without inflicting mental or spiritual pain.

I can spot a musical type. I can tell by looking at a woman whether she is a contralto or a soprano.

Hot funk, cold punk, even if it's old junk, it's still rock and roll to me.