quote by Gene Wilder

If the physical thing you're doing is funny, you don't have to act funny while doing it...Just be real and it will be funnier

— Gene Wilder

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Funnier quote Everything is funnier when you're not allowed to laugh
Everything is funnier when you're not allowed to laugh

I think any man over 250 pounds rollerblading is instant hilarity.

There's nothing funnier than a giant, grown man rollerblading.

Nothing is funnier than unhappiness, I grant you that.

Yes, yes, it's the most comical thing in the world.

Nothing is funnier than unhappiness, I grant you that… Yes, yes, it's the most comical thing in the world. And we laugh, we laugh, with a will, in the beginning. But it's always the same thing. Yes, it's like the funny story we have heard too often, we still find it funny, but we don't laugh any more.

It's definitely not true what they say about women wanting a guy with a sense of humour. What women mean is that they want a guy with a sense of humour who is really handsome. If a girl had a choice between Brad Pitt or me, she'd pick Brad Pitt. And I'm a lot funnier than he is.

I'm fascinated by mankind. I grew up watching 'Candid Camera' and thought it was funnier than any standup, any joke, anything that could possibly be written because you're dealing with humanity. And people can relate to that. It touches everybody who sees it. It hits a nerve.

Even though I love my mother, I didn't want to make an idealized portrait of her. I'm fascinated more by her defects - they are funnier than her other qualities.

Nothing is funnier than unhappiness.

One of my daughters told me the other day, "Kevin Hart is funnier than you, Daddy." I told her, "Does Kevin Hart make you pancakes?"

I like fat people more then I like thin people, things are always a lot more funnier when they happen to fat people.

We challenge one another to be funnier and smarter.

... It's the way friends make love to one another.

Everything is funnier in retrospect, funnier and prettier and cooler.

You can laugh at anything from far enough away.

It's like love making, the foreplay is the biggest part, the same thing as comedy. If you can frame your show in such a way that the funny jokes become funnier.

The animals that depend on instinct have an inherent knowledge of the laws of economics and of how to apply them; Man, with his powers of reason, has reduced economics to the level of a farce which is at once funnier and more tragic than Tobacco Road.

In black neighborhoods, everybody appreciated comedy about real life.

In the white community, fantasy was funnier. I started looking for the jokes that were equally hilarious across the board, for totally different reasons.

There's nothing funnier than getting a death threat via MySpace.

Why don't you just write it in a children's birthday card.

The whole object of comedy is to be yourself and the closer you get to that, the funnier you will be.

When audiences come to see us authors lecture, it is largely in the hope that we'll be funnier to look at than to read.

I wanted to cut down on the profanity, because I think I'm funnier without sayin' a lot of cuss words.

There are times over different projects when I've asked the writers why people are swearing for no good reason. I tell them that it would be funnier if there weren't these swear words.

I used to think you had to live this miserable life and that that would make you funnier, but you don't. The misery will come. The misery will find you.

I like LA. LA is cool, but it ain't like home. Atlanta is home. All my friends are here, I grew up here. But LA is cool. Its more like a big office. Its work and you work, and you're meetin' people all the time, but its more like acquaintances than friends and stuff.I wanted to cut down on the profanity, because I think I'm funnier without sayin' a lot of cuss words.

I'm just funnier when I'm drunk. Not falling-down drunk, just drunk enough to lose the self-doubt.

It is a challenge. When you do things that are comedy, you're having to look at the funnier side of life. Often I find Christians - but not just Christians, (any) people who have a certain core belief of things - don't like to have fun made of them at all.

Why are men impersonating women funny while women impersonating men are not? It is a matter of gravity. A heavy thing trying to become lighter is automatically funnier than a light thing trying to become heavy.

Being onstage is like being rock star.

Whereas if you're doing a movie, it's such a confined space. You know, you do a comedy, it's so hard, too, 'cause with a comedy, there's no vocal reaction, there's no energy that you get back that spurs you on to be funnier because everyone has to be quiet.

A lot of times the movies I think are the funniest are dramas.

I feel like dramas are so much funnier because they're actually capturing human beings. Humans are so weird and clumsy, and that, to me, often makes me laugh more.

You can't just play crazy. It makes you push yourself to stay in the realm of reality. And when you do that, it's a lot funnier. That's my favorite, when you think it's a real strange person and not just someone being wacky.

Bobbie Ann Mason's genius only grows stronger and wiser and funnier with every new book, and Zigzagging Down a Wild Trail is my absolute favorite so far. What an ear she has for the telling phrase, what an eye for the heartbreaking detail. These new stories are stunning.

Swampy [ Marsh] and I live as far away from each other as we possibly can and still work together. But we just always felt like we were funnier when we were in the room together than we are when we're separate.

Greg Gutfeld is funnier than all the smart people I know, and smarter than all the funny people I know. I don't know what that makes him. But one of the smartest, funniest people I know, is fair to say.

Soon I learned that the worse the puns and jokes, the funnier they could be, if you knew how to deliver them.

I think I came back from America a funnier and nicer person than I went.

I think of myself as a funny guy but nobody thinks I'm funnier than my daughters.

There's nothing funnier than the human animal.