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If the truth is told, the youth can grow Then learn to survive until they gain control Nobody says you have to be gangstas, hoes Read more learn more, change the globe

— Nas

Charming Gangsta Rap quotations

Everybody’s at war with different things…I’m at war with my own heart sometimes.

Gangsta rappers can't fight, so they rap about guns.

To me, the 90's signaled the end of glam rock, the beginning of gangsta rap, and hopefully the beginning and end of boy bands.

But, Eminem... No, I've loved rap for a long time, especially when it got out of its first period and became this gangsta rap, ya know this heavy rap thing? That's when I started to fall in love with it. I loved the lyrics. I loved the beat.

Gangsta Rap is dead. I've moved on. And the raps that I'm rappin to my community shouldn't be filled with rage? They shouldn't be filled with same attrocities that they gave me? The media they don't talk about it, so in my raps I have to talk about it, and it seems foreign because there's no one else talking about it.

I'm not a gangsta rapper. I rap about things that happen to me. I got shot five times. People was trying to kill me.

I bet Eazy E is turning over in his grave, to see that some of ya'll done made gangsta rap gay

I believe a lot in gangsta rap, I see in it a lot of positive things as it is.

I believe it is only about doing politicization work. Revolutionary change will come from there, it won't come from conscious rap.

Everything I do is going to be gangsta rap, street based, street oriented.

.. I'm from Gary, Indiana, and everybody's damn near at the poverty level.

If the KKK was smart enough, they would've created gangsta rap because it's such a caricature of black culture and black masculinity.

Now I've got the world swingin' from my nuts And damn it feels good to be a gangsta!

As long as there's a demand for gangsta rap, it will be supplied.

I can't say enough good things about my band.

I feel very fortunate that I found them when I did, very early in my career. Not only are they just great, nice guys; they're some of the best musicians you're likely to find. They do everything from gangsta rap to polka music and every genre in between. It's amazing.

Part of my affinity with urban music comes from being on 'Kids Incorporated,' 'cos we used to sit around and listen to Chaka Khan and Prince, and I got influenced by all that. Then gangsta rap got started, and I was infatuated with that - maybe that's why I'm fascinated by guns.

I know these dirty cops that'll get us in if we murder some Wop.

I've always been noted for being original and doing different thing.

So for me to hop on the train that's going on would be - shoot, if I wanted to hop on the train, I might as well have hopped on gangsta rap back when it was popular and tried to do that.

In a way, all recorded music is reduced to the same level, no matter what it is.

You find it in the store, you put it on and, "Oh, that's not cool. That's gangsta rap. That's white supremacist punk." But in a way, the content is removed from the intention of the people that made it. That's the commercial level of music.

The only thing intimidating about Cube is that he's the father of gangsta' rap.

You just worry about getting your lines right, or he might shoot you.

What is MTV doing and what is the hegemonic culture industry promoting in gangsta rap? It is the glorification of violence for the sake of violence, the violence itself, like consumption for the sake of consumption, hypermasculinity writ-large with an adapted potency.

I believe gangsta rap, as such, in its foundation is simply anti-systemic and transgressive.

We have to remember that the experience of gangsta rap as such in its foundation is an anti-systemic experience primarily. And it is an anti-systemic experience that is not in some cases politicized, but in general results in a much more transgressive, much more uncomfortable music for the structures of power, than conscious rap or political rap.

Gangsta rap was a ploy to convince black people to kill each other. Gangsta rap didnt exist.

I actually don't like hip hop much; the music is too clichéd, the subculture, especially the macho strutting of gangsta rappers, isn't my thing. But, at the same time, rap is a simple, direct and strong musical language.

Gangsta rap often reaches higher than its ugliest, lowest common denominator, misogyny, violence, materialism and sexual transgression are not its exclusive domain. At its best, this music draws attention to complex dimensions of ghetto life ignored by most Americans. Indeed, gangsta rap's in-your-face style may do more to force America to confront crucial social problems than a million sermons or political speeches.

There are rap groups that have a positive outlook in their art.

These groups should be shown as an alternative to gangsta rap.

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