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Your genome knows much more about your medical history than you do. — Danny Hillis

Every human, we all have different genetic backgrounds, we all have lived separate lives. But our genomes are greater than 99 percent similar. — Allan Jones

The price to sequence a base [of the human genome] has fallen 100 million times. That's the equivalent of you filling up your car with gas in 1998, waiting until 2011, and now you can drive to Jupiter and back twice. — Richard Resnick

From a genomic perspective, we are all Africans. — Svante Pääbo

When we look at people and see a person from Africa and a person from Europe or Asia, we cannot, for a single position in the genome, with 100 percent accuracy, predict what the person would carry. — Svante Pääbo

Living in your genome is the history of our species. — Barry Schuler

Any virus that's been sequenced today - that genome can be made. — Craig Venter

By being able to write a genome and plug it into an organism, the software, if you will, changes the hardware. — Barry Schuler