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The effectiveness of work increases according to geometric progression if there are no interruptions. — Andre Maurois

There is still a difference between something and nothing, but it is purely geometrical and there is nothing behind the geometry. — Martin Gardner

Large department stores, with their luxuriant abundance of canned goods, foods, and clothing, are like the primary landscape and the geometrical locus of affluence. Streets with overcrowded and glittering store windows...the displays of delicacies, and all the scenes of alimentary and vestimentary festivity, stimulate a magical salivation. Accumulation is more than the sum of its products: the conspicuousness of surplus, the final and magical negation of scarcity...mimic a new-found nature of prodigious fecundity. — Jean Baudrillard

The laws of Nature are written in the language of mathematics...the symbols are triangles, circles and other geometrical figures, without whose help it is impossible to comprehend a single word. — Galileo Galilei

Population, when unchecked, increases in a geometrical ratio. — Thomas Robert Malthus

To pray is to pay attention to something or someone other than oneself. Whenever a man so concentrates his attention -- on a landscape, a poem, a geometrical problem, an idol, or the True God -- that he completely forgets his own ego and desires, he is praying. — W. H. Auden

The Pause; that impressive silence, that eloquent silence, that geometrically progressive silence which often achieves a desired effect where no combination of words, however so felicitous, could accomplish it. — Mark Twain

For nine years I worked to change what was hairdressing then into a geometric art form with color, perm without setting which had never been done before. — Vidal Sassoon