1. 10

    O Death, rock me asleep, bring me to quiet rest, let pass my weary guiltless ghost out of my careful breast.

  2. 9

    Now I know what a ghost is. Unfinished business, that's what.

  3. 8

    Praise God, from whom all blessings flow! Praise Him, all creatures here below! Praise Him above, ye heavenly host! Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!

  4. 7

    The pencil of the Holy Ghost hath labored more in describing the afflictions of Job than the felicities of Solomon.

  5. 6

    Ghosts, like ladies, never speak till spoke to.

  6. 5

    Bigotry murders religion to frighten fools with her ghost.

  7. 4

    Every difficulty slurred over will be a ghost to disturb your repose later on.

  8. 3

    The intention of the Holy Ghost is to teach us how one goes to heaven, not how heaven goes.

  9. 2

    Do not let your TODAY be stolen by the ghost of yesterday or the ‘To-Do’ list of tomorrow!

  10. 1

    Of all ghosts the ghosts of our old loves are the worst.