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A lot of people still think caring about clothes is a dubious, unserious, frivolous, girlie thing.

— Jerry Saltz

Pioneering Girlie quotations

I don't like pink and I am not into girlie stuff, bows and frills, sugary looking things.

I really enjoy dressing up. I'm pretty much a girlie girl.

I have never been a girlie girl and have always been a boys' girl with an equal amount of friends who were boys and girls.

Unlike the millions who casually masturbate in solitude while looking at girlie pictures in Playboy and similar magazines, the massage man preferred an accomplice, an attendant lady of respectable appearance who would help him reduce the guilt and loneliness of this most lonely act of love.

I don't consider myself a fashion person, I consider myself a shopping person.

As a person who has girlie interests and a little bit of disposable income.

Androgynous fashion, long hair, the Pill, a new interest in the inner psychological life - an unabashed sloppiness, if you will - really marks the sixties. It was when Britain went girlie. And what do girls do? Girls shop.

Im wearing an outfit that looks just like a cupcake .

.. a pink frothy blouse, low cut ... everything a little inappropriately girlie ... Pink, pink, lot of pink, ... Out of Practice.

American Psychological Association, the girlie-girl culture’s emphasis on beauty and play-sexiness can increase girls’ vulnerability to the pitfalls that most concern parents: depression, eating disorders, distorted body image, risky sexual behavior.

To those critics who are so pessimistic about our economy, I say: Don't be economic girlie men!

When I first moved to LA, no one could understand a thing I said, you would think I was speaking another language. Every time I would order something at Starbucks, they would go, 'Huh? What did you say?' My accent was an issue and my low voice was as well. They thought I should be more girlie. But that's who I am.

There's not a day in my life I'm not proud of being gay, but I just wasn't ready for that attention to be placed on it. I remember being on Oprah. Well, not on Oprah. Near Oprah. She started saying, 'Now, Nathan, you got all those girlie moves going down in 'The Birdcage,' where's all that coming from? You're so good at all that girlie stuff!'

Well, I have a farm in Vermont that's my main residence, where I do lots of digging and mowing, and ride tractors - just so you don't get the wrong idea that I'm too girlie!

I grew up with all boys in my family, where there was no place for girlie stuff.

But it's amazing to walk into my house now. Everything is pink!

My first memory of the Rolling Stones is listening to 'Satisfaction' at a sixth-grade slumber party at a friend's house in Ankara, Turkey, where my family was living at the time. In the middle of our sleepover, my friend's dad stopped the record when he heard the words 'girlie action!'

I've always had a tomboy quality to me that I embrace and don't run away from.

At the same time I'm a real girlie-girl.

I was a tomboy right from the time I was a kid and loved to be like that.

I'd hate all the girlie things. Well my best friends as a kid have been boys. I get along best with the opposite sex. I guess that's the case with most people though!

My performance outfits are very Marie Antoinette, sparkly corsets.

.. and full skirts. And then we do another look that's '50s-inspired. Poufy skirts, big bows. Very fun, girlie and young, but otherwise, when I'm not in costume, I dress really normal.

I'm a tomboy! Even though I look all-girlie and act girlie, in reality at home I am such a tomboy. I like to mess around and hang out with my brothers, that is the most fun for me!

I also wanted to be like my brothers, physically, and yet not physically.

So I would constantly - and I think nowadays it's taken for granted that this is what girlfriends do - I would constantly wear their shorts, put on their shirts. That did not seem odd because we were desperately poor for quite a while. It wasn't as if pretty little girlie things were available to me.

I can go from blokey to girlie in 15 minutes and then I'm out the door.

But that's the fastest I can do it. Becoming a woman takes work.

Don't be economic Girlie-Men

Why does one never hear of government funding for the preservation and encouragement of comic strips, girlie magazines and TV soap operas? Because these genres still hold the audience they were created to amuse and instruct.

That people equate being girlie with being nonthreatening … I mean, I can't think of a more blatant example of playing into exactly the thing that we're trying to fight against. I can't be girlie? I think the fact that people are associating being girlie with weakness, that needs to be examined. I don't think that it undermines my power at all.

I'm often uncomfortable with girliness, to be honest.

I love to hang out with boys - I've got brothers - but I'm a girl's girl, in all the ways you can be girlie. Nails and chats and gossip magazines and reality TV and pop culture.

I don't like fancy fiddly girlie stuff.

I was a tomboy, not a girlie girl.

I'm not really a girlie. I can be once in a while, but then I tend to fall off the heels.

If they don't have the guts to come up here in front of you and say, 'I don't want to represent you, I want to represent those special interests, the unions, the trial lawyers ... if they don't have the guts, I call them girlie men.

Ahh! Lady Pillows. So much fluffier than mine.” He took a giant whiff. “Why does everything girlie smell so delightful?” “Because we acknowledge the importance of basic hygiene. And periodically clean our bathrooms.” “Brilliant. I should write that down. After all, it takes a village.

The bluejacket girlie rode like a clan warrior, but there was no way she'd escape. It was a private life-and-death contest that had nothing to do with him. He told himself he should ride on, grateful that the chase would keep them occupied while he took a different path. But what had he told Rebecca when she'd asked what he meant to do when he returned to the Fells? 'I'm tired of people in power picking on the weak. I'm going to help them.

No one knows what to do with you, girlie.

I'm girlie in the sense that I like makeup, but I also love sports and man food.

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