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What are the best girly quotes?

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I was making out with this woman, and my shirt was off, and she leaned over and, in a really cute, girly voice, went, 'Hey, fatty!' — Jason Segel

I grew up reading 'Sense and Sensibility' and 'Pride and Prejudice' - girly kind of books. — Leighton Meester

I love pink, it's so girly! — Ashley Tisdale

I've always been a very outdoors sort of girl. I'm more a tomboy than a girly girl. — Yvonne Strahovski

If Michael Steele doesn't make you sad, well, then there's radio host Rush Limbaugh, no longer content with wanting the President to fail, Rush is now calling out Mr. Obama as a girly man. — David Shuster

I was a girly-girl until I moved to New York. Then I got really into the androgynous look of the early-'90s club scene. I had really short hair and started blurring the line a bit. But for me, grade school was about Benetton, Esprit, and Guess jeans. — Chloe Sevigny

It's so cliche to say florals for spring. I really like a vintage-like dress that's floral. You can belt it; I like belts. I like wearing pretty dresses that are really comfortable, that you can spend the day in but also feel girly. — Brittany Snow

When I found out I got this job, I cried, of course - I'm a girly-girl - and then I called my dad, and he cried, too. On so many levels, this is a thrill for me. — Lisa Guerrero