The application of GIS is limited only by the imagination of those who use it

— Jack Dangermond

Sentimental Gis quotations

As far as possible, I want nothing more than to don my training gi and teach Karate.

Our program for American GIs can be heard at 1630 hours.

American GIs don't fight this unjust immoral and illegal war of Johnson's.

Because the GIs were sent massively to South Vietnam, maybe it's a good idea to have a broadcast for them.

Jiu Jitsu at the end of the day, is the art of expressing yourself honestly.

Everytime you put on a Gi, you can't lie.

A belt does nothing but hold your gi together.

A belt has assigned significance, a belt is someone else saying you're good, you don't need other people saying that you're good in order to be good.

In the forties, to get a girl you had to be a GI or a jock.

In the fifties, to get a girl you had to be Jewish. In the sixties, to get a girl you had to be black. In the seventies, to get a girl you've got to be a girl.

To the Somali, the Amerikaan is weird, to the American GI, the Somali is an ingrate and a skinny.

I am just coming out of five years of night, and this orgy of violent lights gives me for the first time the impression of a new continent. An enormous, 50-foot high Camel billboard : a GI with his mouth wide open blows enormous puffs of real smoke. So much bad taste hardly seems imaginable.

[On the Barbie doll:] Her values, while somewhat Yuppified, are not so bad.

Look at GI Joe. His only wardrobe is fatigues, he spends all his time trying to kill people, or getting his own innards splashed across the landscape. His big hobby is death.

Vast quantities of U.S. bombers, tanks and guns have been sent against Ho Chi Minh and his freedom-fighters; and now we are told that soon it will be 'advisable' to send America GI's into Indo-China in order that the tin, rubber and tungsten of Southeast Asia be kept by the "free world"-meaning white Imperialism.

I had the notion that I wanted to write the great dirty American novel, so I went to Roanoke College on the GI Bill.

The modern era of feminism is how you track that at its beginning.

It manifested itself in crazy ways. Parents would try raising their daughters in blue rooms with GI Joe and try raising their sons in pink rooms with Barbie to see what would happen, and they were shocked.

I knew I wanted to write on religious themes when I was a GI in World War II.

I saw and experienced so much violence that I thought I could express my outrage best with music.

Not the bee upon the blossom, In the pride o' sunny noon;

Not the little sporting fairy, All beneath the simmer moon; Not the poet, in the moment Fancy lightens in his e'e, Kens the pleasure, feels the rapture, That thy presence gi'es to me.

In America, we then made a commitment, particularly after World War II with the GI Bill, to massively expand our commitment to college education, and that meant we had more engineers and we had more scientists and that meant we had better technology, which meant that we were more productive and we could succeed in the global marketplace.

We know that from the GI Bill after the Second World War, where Congress found that for every dollar we put in as taxpayers into free higher education for returning GIs, we got back $7 for every dollar invested. An enormous return on our money in public benefits and improved revenue.

Potatoes have such a high GI rating; it's almost the same as eating table sugar.

In fact, many children come to autism clinics early on with GI/bowel disturbances.

I did a lot of reading of first person accounts from Koreans and combatants and aid workers. And I spoke to relatives. A lot of wonderful photographs were made available to me from that period - 1950-1956 - and those were given to me by a Korean newspaper in Seoul. Ruined villages, refugees streaming through a river valley, GI's and orphans and orphanages, those tiny details that you can only see in a picture.

In Iraq, four American soldiers have been arrested and charged with stealing a million dollars cash. After hearing about it the Fox network announced plans for a new reality show called 'GI Joe Millionaire.'

I love irony in pictures. There's one photograph from Vietnam by Philip Jones Griffiths that shows a very large GI having his pocket picked by a tiny Vietnamese woman. It told the whole story of the clash of two cultures and how the invader could never win.

Spend more time in a Jiu Jitsu gi than in street clothes.

Eun Gi. Let's run away. I will go wherever you want. To where no one can find. Run away with me. Seo Eun Gi.

Eun Gi is lying. It means she doesn't believe me. It means she is angry at me. It means she can't forgive me.

Eun Gi has come back. The Eun Gi I am seeing now is not the Eun Gi I knew before. What is it that she remembers? And what is it that she forgot? What is it that she let go? And what is it that she's looking for? Even though Eun Gi has come back, I am still waiting for that kid. I won't get exhausted, won't get anxious, and won't get... impatient.

The direction Eun Gi is trying to go, I don't know.

How you're going to go that way. What you're trying to do going that way. I don't know. With what thoughts... With what mind she is taking that way... Even if I ask, Eun Gi won't answer. The only thing I know, is that, I, next to Eun Gi who is going that way, it could be that I can't go that way with her together.

Along with the GI Bill, which educated and housed Eisenhower's fellow veterans, the Interstate System has proved to be by far the most important economic-development strategy of the federal government.

A good GI bill would increase the recruit pool.