I write a lot of my best music in the car, like late night. Three, four in the morning. I'm in the passenger seat, I got my driver, my getaway driver. My Bonnie, I'm Clyde. That's when everything is just settled. In the daytime it's chaotic. Everybody just goin' nowhere fast. In a rush to go nowhere.

— Kevin Gates

Sublime Goin quotations

I could've never envisioned things goin' this way in a million years.

But, I'm a firm believer in my higher power havin' a plan, and he's never wrong, and he's not open to suggestions. I'm sure that everything [has] happened for a reason.

Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain't goin' away.

I'm sick of following my dreams. I'm just going to ask them where they're goin', and hook up with them later.

A lot of people say if they could go back in time they would not change anything. But, to be honest with you, I like it and I don't like it. I like the fact that all I went through as a youngster made me a great man, but just goin' through what I went through - I wouldn't wanna go through that again. I wouldn't wish that on nobody.

Through my life, [there have been] a lot of devils and a lot of situations, so I'm just goin' hard, maintaining, regardless of what people got to say about Ace Hood.

Some of the free lunch programs were still goin' on - based on the last leg of the Black Panther Party.

If you're in a company, you're dancing from 9 a.

m. till 7 in the evening, and then you go home and get in a hot tub and get some Epsom salts and try to get your body goin' again. There's no social life, no anything.

We probaly in hell already, our dumb asses not knowin, everybody kissin ass to go to heaven aint goin.

You could love me or hate me I swear it won't make me or break me.

I'm goin where ever the money takes me.

You can expect me goin' hard, collaborating; you know what I'm sayin'?

I called my pilot 2 weeks before I flew and asked him, I don't want to get sick, what should I eat? He said, Peanut Butter. I said, If I eat peanut butter then I won't get sick? He said, no, but it tastes the same comin' up as it does goin' down.

In my mind I'm going to Carolina. Can't you see the sunshine, can't you just feel the moonshine? Ain't it just like a friend of mine, to hit me from behind, and I'm goin' to Carolina in my mind.

Never tell. Not if you love your wife...In fact, if your old lady walks in on you deny it. Yeah. Just flat out and she'll believe it: "I'm tellin' ya. This chick came downstairs with a sign around her neck 'Lay On Top Of Me Or I'll Die.' " I didn't know what I was goin' to do.

The thieves and killers are goin' to have guns, so if the honest men don't have 'em they just make it easier for the vicious.

College had a great deal to do with my development as a person.

I don't know if I'd be the artist I was if it wasn't for goin' to school like that. School is a good place - it ain't for everybody, but I think it's for most people.

I stay busy and projects look for me.

I aint goin nowhere no time soon and that's how I continue to evolve. By stayin relevant and makin hits.

And I say, 'Hey, Lama, hey, how about a little something, you know, for the effort, you know.' And he says, 'Oh, uh, there won't be any money. But when you die, on your deathbed, you will receive total consciousness.' So I got that goin' for me, which is nice.

I just want everybody to have a good time, because I'm goin' out to have a good time. I'm going to go have some fun.

And I've been hurt hurt bad. I might be just twenty-six, but I'm an old woman in disguise twenty-six goin'on sixty-five.

They say I'm old news. Well who the new star? Cause if I'm goin anywhere it's probably too far.

I guarantee if people keep mm..supportin' me....Just buying my records, goin to my concerts, just supporting me..I'ma keep givin' money....Like Makaveli, every time it go platinum, I'm putting money up for community centers.

I'm goin' where the wind don't blow so strange, maybe off on some high cold mountain chain.

Taint no use to sit and whine 'Cause the fish ain't on your line;

Bait your hook an' keep on tryin', Keep a-goin'!

I wanna roll it, roll it, roll it, roll it.

Is all I wanna do, for you baby. Girl, it's something kind of sexy. Goin' on about you babe.

There's some heinous fuckery goin' on mon.

Since you knew they was goin' to cheat you anyway, I recorded under any name with all of 'em.

Flyer than the rest but I don’t rest I keep goin

There are many truely horrible things goin' on in the world whilst we're lost to the druthers over spilled milk.

Keep it moving. Don't hoard. Money's no good, get rid of it. Turn it into people doing things. Turn it into jobs. Turn it into happiness...The more people I employ, the happier I am - that means my money's goin' into other people's lives, and if I can give 'em something to create that they can be happy with, that's great.

This goin' ware glory waits ye haint one agreeable feetur.

I really didn't go that hard, although a couple of years I did.

Some guys work 125 to 130 rodeos a year. they're just goin' all the time.

On the square...I'm not riffin' like Andy Griffith, Just fed up, goin' head up, with competition.

Funny, reely," he said. "You spend your whole life goin' to school and learnin' stuff, and they never tell you about stuff like the Bermuda Triangle and UFOs and all these Old Masters running around the inside of the Earth. Why do we have to learn boring stuff when there's all this brilliant stuff we could be learnin', that's what I want to know.

I think by the time you're grown you're as happy as you're goin to be.

You'll have good times and bad times, but in the end you'll be about as happy as you was before. Or as unhappy. I've knowed people that just never did get the hang of it.