quote by Sean Covey

Isn't it kind of silly to think that tearing someone else down builds you up?

— Sean Covey

Spectacular Gossiping And Rumors quotations

Gossip is just a tool to distract people who have nothing better to do from feeling jealous of those few of us still remaining with noble hearts.

Gossiping and rumors quote Rumors excite the stupid, facts excite the smart.
Rumors excite the stupid, facts excite the smart.

How damaging is a habit that permits faultfinding, character assassination, and the sharing of malicious rumors! Gossip and caustic comments often create chains of contention.

Gossiping and rumors quote Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; small minds discuss peo
Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.

The dirt of gossip blows into my face and the dust rumors cover me.

But if the arrow is straight and the point is slick, it can pierce through dust no matter how thick.

The biggest liar in the world is They Say.

trying to squash a rumor is like trying to unring a bell.

Gossiping and rumors quote Repeating a rumor is as vicious as starting one.
Repeating a rumor is as vicious as starting one.

I think the hardest part about being a teenager is dealing with other teenagers - the criticism and the ridicule, the gossip and rumors.

Rumor is a pipe Blown by surmises, jealousies, conjectures.

Gossip is called gossip because it's not always the truth.

Rumor travels faster, but it don't stay put as long as truth.

There is a vital force in rumor. Though crushed to earth, to all intents and purposes buried, it can rise again without apparent effort.

Most women indulge in idle gossip, which is the henchman of rumor and scandal.

I had rather take my chance that some traitors will escape detection than spread abroad a spirit of general suspicion and distrust, which accepts rumor and gossip in place of undismayed and unintimidated inquiry.

If it were not for a goodly supply of rumors, half true and half false, what would the gossips do?

I resolve to speak ill of no man whatever, not even in a matter of truth;

but rather by some means excuse the faults I hear charged upon others, and upon proper occasions speak all the good I know of everybody.

Rumour is a pipe Blown by surmises, jealousies, conjectures And of so easy and so plain a stop That the blunt monster with uncounted heads, The still-discordant wavering multitude, Can play upon it.

The world of rumor and gossip is like a privileged world with which a social scientist or an anthropologist can take the temperature of popular aspirations.

The world of rumors and gossip is a world of wish fulfillment.

And one of the things that gives volume and amplitude to a rumor is that it satisfies people's dreams and expectations about the world...

Gossip and rumor are evil; easy to lift up, heavy to carry, and hard to put down again.

I think it's deeply important for us to know, especially when we come from the outside, how "ordinary people" think and feel and what their expectations are and what their concerns are. Also what's in their imaginations, what's in their minds, even what their rumors are and what their gossip is.

My position attracts a fair amount of rumors and gossip and misperceptions, but I'd rather not focus on that.

Rumor is untraceable, incalculable, and infectious.

Some people rely on rumors and gossip because they are devoid of any original thought.

Gossip, then, is content, a message about people;

rumor is a process. It takes a bit of gossip and reshapes it, modifies it in some way, and passes it along from individual to individual in different ways.

Rumor and gossip, like sound itself, appear to travel by wave-effect, sheer preposterosity being no barrier.

Rumor ... often is fathered and mothered by false reports.

The ball of rumor and criticism, once it starts rolling, is difficult to stop.

Rumors chase the dead like flies, and we follow them with our prim noses.

None of us are gossips, but we love listening to those who are.

Every week I read about myself in a magazine, about something that I haven't done or some place that I've never been or don't even know. It's just gossip, rumors, egos, and politics.

Whoever gossips to you will gossip about you.