The most anxious man in a prison is the governor.
— George Bernard Shaw

The best governor in the world is the person who never really planned to be governor.
Rob Simmons governor quote

If you look at where presidents come from, they're former governors or senators.
— Eleanor Clift

Whether or not we can save Lake Michigan, whether or not we can avoid a breakdown in our criminal justice system are more important than whether or not I'm going to be governor.
— Bill Scott

The mechanism that directs government cannot be virtuous, because it is impossible to thwart every crime, to protect oneself from every criminal without being criminal too; that which directs corrupt mankind must be corrupt itself; and it will never be by means of virtue, virtue being inert and passive, that you will maintain control over vice, which is ever active: the governor must be more energetic than the governed.
— governor quotation by Marquis De Sade