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As a result of trying to solve the big problems we face in life, many of us end up sacrificing individual relationships by doing things that we may consider as being small or insignificant at the time. This reminds us of the George and Gracie routine where George asks Gracie, How do you cook a pot roast? She replied, I put both a big pot roast and a small pot roast in the oven. When the small one is burnt, the big one is done just right! — Unknown

His [Rudolph Giuliani] marital life became unhinged with his wife kicking him out of the mayor`s residence of Gracie mansion. That he took up residence as a house guest in an apartment owned by friends of his.The friends were a loving gay couple. And that is the best thing I know about Rudy Giuliani. — Lawrence O'Donnell

Gracie: "Don't give up, Blanche. Women don't do that. Look at Betsy Ross, Martha Washington-they didn't give up. Look at Nina Jones." Blanche Morton: "Nina Jones?" Gracie: "I've never heard of her either, because she gave up." — Gracie Allen

Fighters are raised into MMA. It's more about what's internal, not what's God given. When you have a great fighter like Rickson Gracie or Fedor Emelianenko-they're greater than the others because they have an internal spiritual being that separates them from the rest in their craft. They have the warrior spirit. — Troy Polamalu

My number one recommendations for part time grapplers is: no alcohol - no smoking - Follow the Gracie diet. The reason I say that is because smoking and alcohol put a lot of effort on your body. Your lungs. Your liver. Your stomach. These things will make you suffer, man. — Royce Gracie

If it were not for me, the Gracies would be selling Bananas in Largo do Machado! — Carlson Gracie

Learn Gracie Jiu-Jitsu so that when a giant walks by, you don't think to yourself 'oh no,' you think to yourself 'how interesting! — Rener Gracie

The only guys I like watching these days are Roger Gracie, Marcelo Garcia, Kron and a few others. Those guys finish and go for submissions. They don't hold the sleeves and stall for ten minutes. — Relson Gracie