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Country music is still your grandpa's music, but it's also your daughter's music. It's getting bigger and better all the time and I'm glad to be a part of it. — Shania Twain

I used to think that kid might become a preacher. Now I don't see how he's going to stay out of prison. Nobody in this family ever went to prison for sex crimes. He'd be the first. Yes, says Jesus, you never know about these things. He and Grandpa are drinking cups of coffee and eating ginger snaps. Grandpa says, When are you planning to return to earth? Soon as I finish this coffee, say Jesus. Pretty good, isn't it. — Garrison Keillor

That the public can grow accustomed to any face is proved by the increasing prevalence of Keith's ruined physiognomy on TV documentaries and chat shows, as familiar and homely a horror as Grandpa in The Munsters. — Philip Norman

My grandpa notes the world's worn cogsAnd says we're going to the dogs.His grandpa in his house of logsSaid things were going to the dogs.His grandpa in the Flemish bogsSaid things were going to the dogs.His grandpa in his hairy togsSaid things were going to the dogs.But this is what I wish to state.The dogs have had an awful wait. — Anonymous

When I was 7 years old, I put on shows for everyone at my grandpa's funeral. I was always the little entertainer. — Natalie Portman

I'm still raising kids myself, so I don't feel like a grandpa. — Sammy Hagar

All my momma's people were very musical. My grandpa, who was the Pentecostal minister, he was a great musician. He played the fiddle, he played the piano. — Dolly Parton

My grandpa was a preacher. — Dolly Parton