We are not only talking about waves of refugees coming to Greece, to Italy, and elsewhere. Destabilizing the Balkans means Lebanonization, and that means destabilizing all of Europe.
— Fatos Nano

I am not a politician but I have dedicated the biggest part of my professional life to economic policy both in greece and Europe.
Lucas Papademos greece quote

The struggle between Liberty and Authority is the most conspicuous feature in the portions of history with which we are earliest familiar, particularly in that of Greece, Rome, and England.
— John Stuart Mill

In many ways we are all sons and daughters of ancient Greece.
— Nia Vardalos

But, ancient Greece and ancient Rome - people did not happen to believe that creativity came from human beings back then, OK? People believed that creativity was this divine attendant spirit that came to human beings from some distant and unknowable source, for distant and unknowable reasons.
— greece quotation by Elizabeth Gilbert