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If your happiness depends on what somebody else does, I guess you do have a problem.

I guess I'm like Roger Miller who used to say that he didn't have as many jokes as he thought he did. — Glen Campbell

People call me wild. Not really though, I'm not. I guess I've never been normal, not what you call Establishment. I'm country. — Johnny Cash

Democracy don't rule the world, you better get that in your head; this world is ruled by violence, but I guess that's better left unsaid. — Bob Dylan

dying is an art, like everything else. I do it exceptionally well. I do it so it feels like hell. I do it so it feels real. I guess you could say I've a call. — Sylvia Plath

I'm becoming more and more myself with time. I guess that's what grace is. The refinement of your soul through time. — Jewel

I guess I have always been deeply terrified to really be someone's wife since I know from life one cannot love another, ever, really. — Marilyn Monroe

Everything you need for better future and success has already been written. And guess what? All you have to do is go to the library. — Jim Rohn

I have too many fantasies to be a housewife. I guess I am a fantasy. — Marilyn Monroe

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