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I would like to do a duet with Taylor Hanson, because I have loved Hanson since I was 8.

— Taylor Swift

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I was very impressed with Hanson's performance.

I thought that little drummer was a kick-ass drummer, and uh, that they sang great, I mean I didn't know either, y'know, that these little boys, y'know, I was very impressed. I think they'll probably be around in 20 years writing good songs, and being a great band.

In almost every interview someone asks what does HIM stand for.

I can't even remember our latest lie about that. When Hanson was hot, we said it means Hanson Is Murder. The name doesn't have a particular history. His Infernal Majesty was a totally different band. I think HIM derives from some death metal joke.

I was someone who wore bright purple sweatsuits with tall Doc Martens boots.

I would iron Hanson decals on my sweatshirt. I was extremely flamboyant as a child.

It was a little company that released [Bad Influence], it was really ahead of its time... I'm really proud of it. And it's Curtis Hanson. He'd directed a small movie before that, but it was his first directorial work that really worked.

Look, if you have a problem with distilling the Battle of Thermopylae down to freedom versus tyranny, you need to read Herodotus because he's the one. It's his fault, not modern culture's fault. He did it.' [Victor Davis Hanson] references a lot of things like that because he feels like the spirit of the book and of the movie ["300"] are very close to the Spartan aesthetic. That's really kind of what he feels."

In the Making Of book ["300"] there's a guy named Victor Davis Hanson who is a a frickin genius. He's a Greek historian and we showed him the movie because I wanted him to write a forward to the Making Of book. I was a little nervous to be honest, because I wasn't sure how he'd react.

The modern Australia, the Australia of the 21st Century, Malcolm Turnbull's Australia has nothing to do with the kind of protectionist and xenophobic attitudes that Pauline Hanson represents.

She is not being preferenced - she's not on our preference card because Pauline Hanson's view of Australia is basically a very - it's a very old view.

I think it would be frankly a retrograde thing for Pauline Hanson to be elected to the Senate.

I started off thinking Eminem was a flash in the pan, a kind of hip-hop Hanson brother. How wrong I was. Recovery is sometimes funny, sometimes terrible, always painfully honest. The matching of Eminem and Rihanna on "Love the Way You Lie" is pure genius. "Not Afraid" is pretty great too.

I think that, y'know, they seem to really love music, which means they'll stick with it. I think that Hanson could be really good in a few years, actually!

I think Hanson is gonna be around for a long time.

I think that they're three great, talented young men.

Hanson? Yeah, I've heard of them, I saw them perform and they have an interesting sound. I wish them every success.

I first met Hanson over in Japan and they gave me some great advice about the fans and they seem real down to earth. They're great.

Nobody stays exactly the same. You'll definitely know it's Hanson, but we're constantly changing.

The difference between Tinted Windows and Hanson shows is a lot of just repertoire. Hanson has been a band for years - we have a lot of songs to pull from and it's a different dynamic - a common kind of thread. With Tinted Windows - it's kind of a little like "hey, we're this new band."

If you want to be entertained, go and see Hanson.

When he went blundering back to God, His songs half written, his work half done, Who knows what paths his bruised feet trod, What hills of peace or pain he won? I hope God smiled and took his hand, And said, "Poor truant, passionate fool! Life’s book is hard to understand: Why couldst thou not remain at school?" A poem by Charles Hanson Towne

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