quote by Christian Lacroix

Haute Couture should be fun, foolish and almost unwearable.

— Christian Lacroix

Unexpected Haute Couture quotations

Haute couture consists of secrets whispered from generation to generation, If, in ready-to-wear, a garment is manufactured according to standard sizes, the haute couture garment adapts to any imperfection in order to eliminate it.

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only.

Fashion is in the sky, in the street.

I have a very haute couture way of working.

I had the luck at 18 to become assistant to Christian Dior, and to succeed him at 21 and to meet with success from my first collection in 1958. That will be 44 years in a few days. Above all it was Christian Dior who was my master and who was the first to reveal the secrets and mysteries of haute couture.

For me, haute couture is a necessity.

I never would have done this job were it not for haute couture. It is a comfort, a security. I almost feel it is our duty to continue. Haute couture is France. We have to keep all the skills and craftmanship alive.

I love the 2000s because everyone started to love haute couture.

I learned to work with my mother, who had an haute-couture business.

Cinema is haute couture or, if that's a little too ambitious, at least it should approach that standard. Pathe Plus is just part of the business. We have to improve all our cinemas. In France, we're not looking to open many more screens, but rather to raise the standards of our current cinemas.

Because I worked in fashion, I know that I like fashion.

Haute couture is a form of art that I can appreciate. I'm definitely not someone who wakes up every day and thinks about what I'm going to wear, but on the red carpet, it's reflective of the mood I'm in, or the movie I'm going to represent.

Even during the golden age of fashion, you had haute couture houses where the designers didn't have money.

I saw a lot of haute couture all my childhood, and without knowing it I've learned from when I was a child to recognise beautiful fabrics.

It's what I call the haute couture, high-end version of fear perfectionism.

It's just fear in really good shoes. But it's still fear.

With Dior Haute Couture, the dream is already there.

I call the language of political figures, pundits and administrators "the haute couture of language."