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If we are honest with ourselves and listen quietly ... we all harbor one fiercely held aspiration for our healthcare - that it keep us healthy. — Rebecca Onie

Questions [about our healthcare system] are not hard because the answers are complicated, they are hard because they require that we be honest with ourselves. — Rebecca Onie

Making systems work is the great task of my generation of physicians and scientists. But I would go further and say that making systems work - whether in healthcare, education, climate change, making a pathway out of poverty - is the great task of our generation as a whole. — Atul Gawande

The airheads of Congress will keep their own plush healthcare plan - it's the rest of us guinea pigs who will be thrown to the wolves. — Camille Paglia

In general President Obama's policies have been very, very skewed and very, very extreme. Like on healthcare for example, I don't think that trying to ram healthcare through was a smart idea politically, because he wasted a lot of capital and now he doesn't have any of that same capital with even his own party that he used to have. — Jonathan Krohn

The right way to reign in healthcare costs is not by applying more government and more controls and making it more like the post office, it's by making it more like a consumer-driven market. — Mitt Romney

The answer for healthcare is market incentives, not healthcare by a Godzilla-sized government bureaucracy. — Mitt Romney

Mr. President, the buzz saw that your healthcare bill ran into wasn't lobbyists and special interests it was tens of millions of American's who were saying, 'Stop!' — John Boehner