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Henry James seems most entirely in his element, doing that is to say what everything favors his doing, when it is a question of recollection. The mellow light which swims over the past, the beauty which suffuses even the commonest little figures of that
— Virginia Woolf

The work of henry james has always seemed divisible by a simple dynastic arrangement into three reigns: James I, James II, and the Old Pretender.
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The nearest we have to a Henry James or an Edith Wharton of the East Coast's Wasp upper classes.
— Charlotte Curtis

I write longer sentences than most of the others, maybe because I probably like Henry James more than they do.
— Peter Straub

James's expedition to Scotland is wholly imaginary, though there appears to have been space for it during Henry's progress to the North to pay his devotions at Beverley Minster.
— henry james quotation by Charlotte Mary Yonge