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To uplift others when you least feel like it is to join the ranks of the heroic. ⏤ Robin S. Sharma

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To uplift others when you least feel like it is to join the ranks of the heroic.

Robin S. Sharma, author

Nurture your minds with great thoughts. To believe in the heroic makes heroes.

Benjamin Disraeli, prime minister

Тоз, който падне в бой за свобода, той не умира. Who fells in fight for freedom, doesn't dies.

Hristo Botev, revolutionary

Freedom requires no effort to enjoy but requires heroic efforts to preserve.

Richard G. Scott, clergyman

Myths and creeds are heroic struggles to comprehend the truth in the world.

Ansel Adams, photographer

The simple act of caring is heroic.

Edward Albert, actor

When it comes to the pinch, human beings are heroic.

George Orwell, author

That's what heroic stories do for us. They show us the way. They remind us of the good we are capable of.

Sam Raimi, director

The only lesson to extract from any civil war is that it's pointless and futile and ugly, and that there is nothing glamorous or heroic about it. There are heroes, but the causes are never heroic.

Anthony Minghella, director

Heroic people take risks to themselves to help others. There's nothing heroic about accepting $5 million to go out and run around chasing a ball, although you may show fortitude or those other qualities while you do it.

Gregg Easterbrook, author

I think on some level, that's a fear that exists in everybody, that if we're tested, we won't make the courageous choice. We won't make the decision that would make us heroic. We make the decision that would reveal us to be all too human.

Bruce Greenwood, actor

He lives out in Orchard Park. I mean, to be able to sit on the bench so patiently, for whatever part, and to be able to get up and do something, with such heroic competencies would be great.

Robert Creeley, poet

I don't really think of Odo as a heroic lead, but that's nice if you do.

Rene Auberjonois, actor

Winston Churchill aroused this nation in heroic fashion to save civilisation in World War Two. We have everything we need except political will, but political will is a renewable resource.

Al Gore, vice president

People saw me as being heroic, but I was no more heroic than I was with other injuries I had, like the lacerated kidney I suffered during the 1990 World Series. It's just that people haven't known anyone with a lacerated kidney, but everyone can relate to someone with cancer.

Eric Davis, athlete

Is it absurd to imagine that our social behavior, from amoeba to man, is also planned and dictated, from stored information, by the cells? And that the time has come for men to be entrusted with the task, through heroic efforts, of bringing life to other worlds?

Albert Claude, scientist

When I hear a guy lost a battle to cancer, that really did bother me, that that's a term. It implies that he failed and that somebody else that defeated cancer is heroic and courageous.

Norm MacDonald, actor

The truth is always more heroic than the hype.

Jessica Lynch, soldier

There's soldiers out there every day that are doing heroic things... We don't need to create them.

Jessica Lynch, soldier

I suppose there must be some way in which I'm compelled to show some side of myself - or of people - that's paranoid and fraught and beleaguered and downtrodden, just as Tom Cruise wants to show that he's terrifyingly upbeat and terrifyingly heroic all the time.

Paul Giamatti, actor

The whole earth is the tomb of heroic men and their story is not given only on stone over their clay but abides everywhere without visible symbol woven into the stuff of other mens lives.

Pericles, statesman

There are people who can do all fine and heroic things but one - keep from telling their happiness to the unhappy.

Mark Twain, author

This, to me, is the ultimately heroic trait of ordinary people; they say no to the tyrant and they calmly take the consequences of this resistance.

Philip K. Dick, writer

Believe me, 'tis a godlike thing to lend; to owe is a heroic virtue.

Francois Rabelais, clergyman

Mothers - especially single mothers - are heroic in their efforts to raise our nation's children, but men must also take responsibility for their children and recognize the impact they have on their families' well-being.

Evan Bayh, politician

In such misfortunes my Mother was of an heroic spirit, in suffering patiently when there was no remedy, and being industrious where she thought she could help.

Margaret Cavendish, writer

An epic is not made by piecing together a set of heroic lays, adjusting their discrepancies and making them into a continuous narrative.

Lascelles Abercrombie, poet

The balance of private good and general welfare is at the bottom of civilized morals; but the morals of the Heroic Age are founded on individuality, and on nothing else.

Lascelles Abercrombie, poet

Peace demands the most heroic labor and the most difficult sacrifice. It demands greater heroism than war. It demands greater fidelity to the truth and a much more perfect purity of conscience.

Thomas Merton, author

The reason can only be this: heroic poetry depends on an heroic age, and an age is heroic because of what it is, not because of what it does.

Lascelles Abercrombie, poet

I was never able to write seriously about heroes because I was very aware that I was not one and that in my background there was not this heroic thing.

Robert Sheckley, author

I like writing about women, weak and strong, pathetic and heroic. I like writing about men, ditto. And all the variants of men and women, beasts and demons.

Tanith Lee, writer

The Border Ballads, for instance, and the Robin Hood Ballads, clearly suppose a state of society which is nothing but a very circumscribed and not very important heroic age.

Lascelles Abercrombie, poet

Courtesy is a silver lining around the dark clouds of civilization; it is the best part of refinement and in many ways, an art of heroic beauty in the vast gallery of man's cruelty and baseness.

Bryant H. McGill, poet

Thanks to the heroic sons and daughters of this country, who have paid sacrifices, we have been able to score a number of victories which are encouraging the nation-building process we are engaged in.

Girma Woldegiorgis, statesman

It's important to be heroic, ambitious, productive, efficient, creative, and progressive, but these qualities don't necessarily nurture soul. The soul has different concerns, of equal value: downtime for reflection, conversation, and reverie; beauty that is captivating and pleasuring; relatedness to the environs and to people; and any animal’s rhythm of rest and activity.

Thomas Moore, poet

Some days it is a heroic act just to refuse the paralysis of fear and straighten up and step into another day.

Edward Albert, actor

I've not seen in my lifetime any politician who is a heroic figure. The manipulation that all politicians use on one level or another is so transparent.

Dean Koontz, author

He would still see it as his duty to shut up and get on with it, not cause any trouble. In our own time we've made a hero of the rebel, and it's more heroic to speak up.

Eddie Campbell, artist

I think there are good men and women in all decades. We've grown cynical. And look at what we do to all our heroes: Churchill, FDR, Kennedy, they all had affairs. But heroic things happen every day.

Kevin Costner, actor

We don't relate to her too much because you don't want the heroic character to not be heroic.

Radha Mitchell, actress

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