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Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option.

I made education the highest priority of my campaign - actually education and jobs - and the reason is a simple one: I think the future of America depends on it. — Charles Schumer

When committees gather, each member is necessarily an actor, uncontrollably acting out the part of himself, reading the lines that identify him, asserting his identity. We are designed, coded, it seems, to place the highest priority on being individuals, and we must do this first, at whatever cost, even if it means disability for the group. — Lewis Thomas

When it comes to the economy, my highest priority as President will be worrying about your job, not saving my own. — Mitt Romney

It's now clear that from the very moment President Bush took office, Iraq was his highest priority as unfinished business from the first Bush Administration. His agenda was clear: find a rationale to get rid of Saddam. — Edward Kennedy

I believe keeping our promises should be our highest priority and that means saving Social Security and Medicare while preserving the American dream for our children and grandchildren. — Tom Coburn

Creating new jobs for Pennsylvanians continues to be my highest priority throughout the Commonwealth. — Edward G. Rendell

My point was that removing Saddam should not have been our highest priority. Fighting terrorism should have been our number one concern, followed by the Palestinian peace process. — Brent Scowcroft

Preserving and protecting the state tobacco settlement funds is the nation's Governors highest priority. — Mel Carnahan