Well can I just make a point about the numbers because people talk a lot about police numbers as if police numbers are the holy grail. But actually what matters is what those police are doing. It's about how those police are deployed.
— Theresa May

If you win a National Championship, or you win two, people think you have not only seen the holy grail, but you've embraced it. Basically, I do what a lot of people do, but I've been able to win.
Mike Krzyzewski holy grail quote

I'm interested in locating the holy grail of the minimum means to express the most complex ideas.
— Ben Nicholson

Comedy is easy for me, but with drama, I don't know... it's still the Holy Grail.
— Ricky Gervais

We did Holy Grail, and I got my name up there as one of the directors. After that, I started moving more and more down the line I wanted to, which was making movies.
— Terry Gilliam