The key to winning baseball games is pitching, fundamentals, and three run homers.

— Earl Weaver

Most Powerful Homers quotations

At Achilles tomb, O fortunate youth, to have found Homer as the herald of your glory!

The other guys, all they have to do is use their big butts and big python arms to hit homers. Me, I'm the little guy in the group. People always root for the little guy.

You tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is 'never try.' Homer Simpson

Achilles exists only through Homer . Take away the art of writing from this world , and you will probably take away its glory .

It is Homer who has chiefly taught other poets the art of telling lies skillfully.

Homer no function beer well without.

I think it was lucky that during most of the work on the Odyssey I lived on Homer's sea in houses that were, in one case, shaken by the impact of the Mediterranean winter storms on the rocks below.

We do not need the praises of a Homer, or of anyone else whose words may delight us for the moment, but the estimation of facts will fall short of what is really true.

Every novel is a debtor to Homer.

Across the gulf of centuries, the blind smile of Homer is turned upon our age.

Along the echoing corridors of time, the roar of the rockets merges now with the creak of the wind-taut rigging. For somewhere in the world today, still unconscious of his destiny, walks the boy who will be the first Odysseus of the Age of Space.

It's ironic how I drop some 'DOUGH' (Doh) when I got them Homer Simpsons.

Talking to Yogi Berra about baseball is like talking to Homer about the Gods.

I'm a homer, so the closer [I perform] to my house the better.

If I could get crowds to gather around my bed, that would be ideal. I also like doing stand-up in places that I can surf, snowboard, or anywhere that I have a pregnancy scare.

My standard comment is, If you don't want your kids to be like Bart Simpson, don't act like Homer Simpson.

Artistic judgments are silly if expressed as dogmas, at least until we get an "artometer" which can measure objectively how many micro-michelangelos or kilo-homers of genius a given artifact has in it.

Just like every other kid in my grade school, I was listening to my little radio plug in my ear when Mickey Mantle hit 18 post-season homers and won series after series for the Yankees. I listened and I learned from that. I think he was the original 'Mr. October,' but thank god it didn't stick.

In poetry there are two giants, rough Homer and fine Shakespere.

In music likewise we have two giants, Beethoven, the thinker, and the superthinker Berlioz.

More proof that trusting the Feds to protect our information is like hiring Homer Simpson to guard the donuts.

You can't keep blaming yourself. Just blame yourself once, and move on." Homer Simpson

This doesn't happen in America! Maybe Ohio, but not in America!" Homer Simpson

To many, Homer may appear lazy and a loser, but he's just much misguided.

He's boorish, sure, but well meaning and, I guess, the one thing we have in common is the pursuit of lousy diets.

The light of genius never sets, but sheds itself upon other faces, in different hues of splendor. Homer glows in the softened beauty of Virgil, and Spenser revives in the decorated learning of Gray.

If Bacchus ever had a color he could claim for his own, it should surely be the shade of tannin on drunken lips, of John Keat's 'purple-stained mouth,' or perhaps even of Homer's dangerously wine-dark sea.

Envy depreciates the genius of the great Homer.

All literature up to today is sexist.

The Muses never sang to the poets about liberated women. It's the same old chanson from the Bible and Homer through Joyce and Proust.

If I had done everything I was supposed to, I'd be leading the league in homers, have the highest batting average, have given $100,000 to the Cancer Fund and be married to Marie Osmond.

Lisa: 'Do we have any food that wasn't brutally slaughtered?' Homer: 'Well, I think the veal died of loneliness.'

I had some friends here from North Carolina who'd never seen a homer, so I gave them a couple.

In New York, after that famous home run, they expected me to be up there every year. That homer raised me to a high level, with the top guys in the game.

The invention of Bob Dylan with his guitar belongs in its way to the same kind of tradition of something meant to be heard, as the songs of Homer.

I'm normally not a praying man, but if you're up there, please save me, Superman. Homer Simpson

Only sixteen players have hit fifty or more homers in a season.

To me, that's a very special milestone.

Yes, and there were changes of light on landscapes and changes of direction of the wind and the force of the wind and weather. That whole scene is too important in Homer to neglect.

I was nurtured on Greek Mythology and the classical epics.

I lived and breathed Homer. Other mythologies - the Russian, the Norse, the Persian, the Indian, Egyptian, etc. - all came later. First and foremost were the Greeks, and they were all living in my head as though I were Zeus and they were a clamoring Chorus of Athenas.