quote by James Cagney

Though I soon became typecast in Hollywood as a gangster and hoodlum, I was originally a dancer, an Irish hoofer, trained in vaudeville tap dance. I always leapt at the opportunity to dance in films later on.

— James Cagney

Most Powerful Hoodlums quotations

I was a guinea pig for some hoodlums who thought they could hurt me and frighten me and keep other Negro entertainers from the South.

There are a lot of things going on that's causing a lot of these young kids to head in the wrong direction. I know a lot of kids that are cutting school. I try to give out a positive message, trying to get kids focused. If they don't then they're going to end up like every other hoodlum in the street.

You named them: hustlers, killers, fiends, ex-cons.

I called them: cousins, aunts, pops, moms. To you? Hoodlums, crackheads, gunmens. To me? Just neighbors, classmates, young friends.

Either you were a hoodlum, or you were a puddle on the sidewalk.

I am not a hoodlum. I'm a community organizer.

Rock and Roll adolescent hoodlums storm the streets of all nations.

They rush into the Louvre and throw acid in the Mona Lisa's face.

As I ran for president, I hoped that one child would come out of the ghetto like I did, could look at me walk across the stage with governors and senators and know they didn't have to be a drug dealer, they didn't have to be a hoodlum, they didn't have to be a gangster. They could stand up from a broken home, on welfare, and they could run for president of the United States.

The fifties were when people started coming down on "juvenile delinquents," "hoodlums," "vandals"--anybody that was young, wore a motorcycle jacket, and didn't act polite around older people.

Sneaking out the back door to hand out with those hoodlum friends of mine.

I was a hoodlum. I was a gang member, and art saved my life.

[The first MP3 player] was a big Christmas hit, because what little hoodlum wouldn't want a million and a half bucks-worth of stolen goods in his pocket?

I'm a old hoodlum, so I will jump on you if I have to.

Hollywood was invented by hoodlums from central Europe.

And today a Hollywood lawyer is not a hoodlum. He's a bureaucrat.

Liberals pretend to believe that when two random hoodlums kill a gay man in Oklahoma, it's evidence of a national trend, but when a million people buy a book, it proves absolutely nothing about the book-buying public.

It's a great historical joke that when the Spanish met the Aztecs, it was a blind date made in serve-you-right heaven. At the time, they were the two most unpleasant cultures in the entire world, and richly deserved each other. Still, the story of how stout Cortes blustered, bullied and bludgeoned his way to collapsing an entire empire with a handful of contagious hoodlums is astonishing.

I am not quite sure what the advantage is in having a few more dollars to spend if the air is too dirty to breathe, the water too polluted to drink, the commuters are losing out in the struggle to get in and out of the city, the streets are filthy, and the schools so bad that the young perhaps wisely stay away, and the hoodlums roll citizens for some of the dollars they saved in the tax cut.

My teacher said I would either be a hoodlum, or a great entertainer.

In many ways Nazism was antithetical to what the great mass of Germans said they admired - and certainly to what they paid homage. It was noisy, undisciplined, vainglorious; its leader was a half-educated posturing foreigner. For a decade the National Socialists were regarded as hoodlums, as part of the breakdown of what had been, if anything, an excessively ordered society before.

I definitely ran with a pack of hoodlums, that's for sure.