Quotations list about hoot, bawl and boo captions for Instagram citing George S. Patton, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Annie Dillard overblown sayings.

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Americans play to win at all times. I wouldn't give a hoot and hell for a man who lost and laughed. That's why Americans have never lost nor ever lose a war. — George S. Patton

Forth from his dark and lonely hiding-place, (Portentous sight!) the owlet Atheism, sailing on obscene wings athwart the noon, drops his blue-fringed lids, and holds them close, and hooting at the glorious sun in Heaven, cries out, Where is it? — Samuel Taylor Coleridge

No; we have been as usual asking the wrong question. It does not matter a hoot what the mockingbird on the chimney is singing. The real and proper question is: Why is it beautiful? — Annie Dillard

It is a short walk from the hallelujah to the hoot. — Vladimir Nabokov

There's only a short walk from the hallelujah to the hoot. — William Kennedy

When I first became interested in photography, I thought it was the whole cheese. My idea was to have it recognized as one of the fine arts. Today I don't give a hoot in hell about that. The mission of photography is to explain man to man and each man to himself. — Edward Steichen

You build a thing of beauty, and then the peasants storm the castle, hooting and chanting and calling you a heretic. — Vic S. Sussman

People can be a hoot on the set, but if they're not good to work with, that tires very quickly. — David Hyde Pierce