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I've always been a horror fan! Ever since I can vastly remember, and I think it's because I was so terrified of monsters and ghosts as a kid that I had to sleep in front of my parents room until I was 12.

— Matthew Gray Gubler

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Horror fans quote Love your haters,theyre your biggest fans.

Love your haters,theyre your biggest fans.

I don't have any illusion that The Creeper is as popular or will ever be as popular as any of the classic movie monsters, but I think in the heart of every young horror fan is his desire to create his own creature.

I love when you go to a horror film with real horror fans and everybody's there watching, getting involved and screaming. That's when it's most alive and exciting for me.

Horror fans quote Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.

Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.

I grew up really loving horror movies and genre movies.

I was a big fan of Universal Monsters movies, read Famous Monsters magazine. I built monster models and creature effects...

I think it goes without saying that a lot of big horror fans are just nerds and geeks.

We're not just horror fans. We're film fans. I love action films. I want to do action films. I want to do romantic comedies. I love all this stuff. So, if I find the good material, I'll do it.

Horror fans quote Set your Life on Fire. Seek those who Fan your Flames

Set your Life on Fire. Seek those who Fan your Flames

The eyes of some of the fans at Davis Cup matches scare me.

There's no light in them. Fixed emotions. Blind worship. Horror. It makes me think of what happened to us long ago.

I am your number one fan.

The thing about all good horror movies is that the fans expect a couple of inside jokes. Maybe I'm supposed to be saying how terrified I was while making it, but it was really fun.

Horror fans quote Always make the audience suffer as much as possible.

Always make the audience suffer as much as possible.

I'm not a horror fans as much as I'm a fan of thrillers.

I am horror fan in that I think that they are very effective on me.

I get scared very easily. I am a scaredy cat. When I was younger, my mom used to rent Alfred Hitchock films, so I saw a couple of those and I was terrified by them.

While I don't like violent programs per se, I do like good storytelling, which made me a fan of shows like Breaking Bad and American Horror Story.

Horror fans quote I'm not a fan of idleness, except in small doses.

I'm not a fan of idleness, except in small doses.


Horror fans need horror, okay? They don't need little worms squirming around going down your throat. To them, that's not horror.

The chief difference between horror fans and science fiction fans lies in why they won't walk backwards. A horror fan won't walk backwards because he knows he'll be knifed by a madman. A science fiction fan won't walk backwards because he knows he'll step on the cat.

I'm not much of a horror fan. When it comes to ghost stuff and demon stuff, I can't watch that.

I always wanted to get into the horror genre.

I like scary movies. I want to go to the fan shows and sign posters with my head hanging by a thread like a B-movie actress.

I'm a huge fan of science fiction and fantasy - not so much horror because I get a bit scared.

I'm a big fan of revenge, I think [Sweeney Todd] it's a story of a man who clearly has obsessions to avenge the horror that happened to him.

I am a fan of the true crime and horror genres! So, I've got a dark side too.

I'm more of a thriller-horror fan - things that could really happen.

I don't like scary movies, the 'Saw' movies scare the crap out of me - I think I've seen two of them and I wanted to go crawl in a hole.

I'm a huge fan of the horror genre and the supernatural elements.

I am a big fan of horror movies but I had never thought that I had wanted to act in one because I don't think that actors get to do much in them. They're usually just reacting.

I'm a fan of short horror fiction... in fact, the most memorable horror I've read is of the short variety... but I have a hard time pulling it off myself.

I was always a fan of horror films as a kid.

I'm a fan of good horror movies.

I've been a huge horror fan since I was about eight years old, which is a little bit young to be watching scary movies.

I've always been a horror movie fan, since I was a kid.

And I was also a really scared kid. I was easily scared of the dark. One of the ways I would try and get away from my fear of the dark was to pretend like the monsters were my friends.

Certainly, black horror movie fans have, you know, been particularly vocal.

I mean, there's the whole Eddie Murphy routine about, you know, black people in a horror movie wouldn't last very long. Right? They just walk in - you hear get out. Too bad we can't stay, baby.

As a horror movie fan, I was very obsessed with horror films.

Still am. I love the genre. For me, horror films are opera, and they are... instead of consumption killing off the young lovers, it's Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers. It is when the stakes are at their absolute largest in a story: whether somebody is going to live or die. In a way, it's just holding up a mirror to life.

When I was a kid, I was a big science fiction fan, but current horror books were harder to get your hands on.

Abraham Lincoln was a melancholy man, so he had a dark side that appeals to horror fans.

When I was in New Orleans, I was in a grocery store and a woman came up to me and she said, "Oh, my daughter's such a big fan of the show." And I said, "Can I meet her?" And around the corner came this seven-year-old. I was horrified and I almost said to her, "Lady, what are you doing? [American Horror Story] is not for seven-year-olds, I can tell you."

I'm a horror movie fan to begin with, so to come back to the genre, I feel like horror has been very good to me.

I don't rush out the first day to see every horror movie, but I do keep up on them, because I want to talk intelligently with the fans about them.

Horror has been very good to me in my career.

Doing horror films is for the fans and helps keep that part of my career alive.

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