Think of the question of mass incarceration. Think of the coding that the Republican Party has used for years, whether they're talking about Obama or blacks or Willie Horton.

— Henry Giroux

Most Powerful Horton quotations

Russell Brand has announced that he plans to write a series of children's books.

First up: 'Horton Hears a Heroin Dealer.'

I'm born originally in Toronto, and I have what I call my 'Fame' story.

I took a Greyhound bus and went to Alvin Ailey and received Dunham, Horton, Graham technique there, but I could never take my eyes off of Balanchine doing 'Nutcracker'; to me he's the best who ever did it.

I think the Smart Car is awesome. The only problem is I've been on the freeway and felt like I was going to be blown away like a Tim Hortons coffee cup, so I may have to upgrade to a Mini Cooper - something a little stronger.

As rich as you think some of us are, for every $18.

99 CD you buy, the artist usually sees a toonie or so. Pay your producer out of that. Then your manager. Then split it five ways among your band mates. Now don't act surprised when you see the drummer of a platinum-selling Canadian rock band behind the drive- thru window at Tim Hortons

In a way, you might say that David Duke is the son of Willie Horton.

Duke is more overt, of course, but he's really just pushing the same buttons and sending the same coded messages that the Horton ads did so effectively for the Bush campaign last year.

I played with Sam Lay, Jimmy Reed, Big Walter Horton, Big Moose Walker, and all those guys.

[The World Series] introduced me for the first time to a team with a lot of black players. Detroit had about three of them: I think it was Willie Horton, Gates Brown, and Earl Wilson - might have been one or two more in '68.

Rob Horton, the main character of The Tiger Rising, was a secondary character in an adult short story I wrote, and he wouldn't go away after I'd finished the short story. I couldn't figure out what he wanted, so I wrote to find out.

In effect, Gore is unwittingly characterizing a large segment of the US population as the next 'Willie Horton.' This is unfortunate and counterproductive to any dialogue between those who 'believe' and those who don't.

It is incredibly daunting to take on a live-action story.

I think that it adds a level of complexity to the responsibility that goes beyond what I've experienced on these two films (The Lorax and Horton Hears a Who).

There are countless times where you're trying to channel somebody who's not there, but that's what you have to do. But Audrey Geisel, who has executive produced this film and Horton, and who works remarkably close with me, is a great source of information. (The Simpsons creator) Matt Groening once told me that one of the most important roles that he fulfills on The Simpsons is being the keeper of the integrity of the original vision.

Absolutely, you rise and fall based on your creative team.

I have continuity across different films that I've done. I was even fortunate enough to reach back and include people that had worked on Horton with me, as well.

My big break was back in the third grade playing the third monkey in 'Horton Hears a Who.

When George Bush used the Willie Horton ad, he knew what he was doing.

When I was four I read the story of horton hears a who and I cried. I wanted to eat that elephant.

I did a 'Children of the Corn' remake for Sci Fi Channel.

I play the Peter Horton role from the original, and Candace McClure from 'Battlestar Galactica' is my Linda Hamilton.

On played the Mayor's daughters in Horton Hears a Who: I had never done animation, so I thought it would be cool to try something different.

Horton, the kangaroo has sent Vlad!' Vlad? I know two Vlads.

One is a cute little bunny that brings me cookies. The other is bad Vlad. Which Vlad?' Which one do you think?' Bad Vlad?' Good call.