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To be a successful hostess, when guest arrive say, At last! and when they leave say, So soon! — Unknown

Few enjoy noisy overcrowded functions. But they are a gesture of goodwill on the part of host or hostess, and also on the part of guests who submit to them. — Fannie Hurst

Hostesses who entertain much must make up their parties as ministers make up their cabinets, on grounds other than personal liking. — George Eliot

I was a hostess in a restaurant in New York when I was 21, and I was too good of an employee. I was putting most of my energy into that instead of acting. But my father told my sister and me to look at whatever needed to be done and do that job well, no matter what it was. — Emily Deschanel

I had been in a film, playing a young British aristocrat. My wife told me that she was invited to a dinner and she invited me to dinner and the hostess had seen me and said, 'You cannot bring him.' but I think that I've done enough to shatter the image. — Michael York

Vicars, MPS and lawyers were amont those who considered me to be the best hostess in London. — Cynthia Payne

We were not allowed to say, Screw, but we could say, Hump the hostess, because hump is in Shakespeare. — Uta Hagen

If it is a cocktail party, I think bringing your partner, husband or wife is fine. To a certain extent, when someone throws a party, they expect to have people over. If it's a seated dinner, though, you should check beforehand. Asking to bring your partner is fair. Asking to bring eight friends from college is not. A good hostess will always accommodate extras and stragglers, but she'll never forget who brought them. — Derek Blasberg