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I am going to make everything around me beautiful - that will be my life.

— Elsie De Wolfe

Most Powerful Hostesses quotations

So I think there is one rule every host and hostess ought to keep with the comb and nail file and bicarbonate and aromatic spirits on a handy shelf, Which is don't spoil the denouement by telling the guests everything is terrible, but let them have the thrill of finding it out for themselves.

Airline hostesses show you how to use a seatbelt in case you haven't been in a car since 1965.

If by the time we're sixty we haven't learned what a knot of paradox and contradiction life is, and how exquisitely the good and the bad are mingled in every action we take, and what a compromising hostess Our Lady of Truth is, we haven't grown old to much purpose.

We were not allowed to say, Screw, but we could say, Hump the hostess, because hump is in Shakespeare.

Japanese food is very pretty and undoubtedly a suitable cuisine in Japan, which is largely populated by people of below average size. Hostesses hell-bent on serving such food to occidentals would be well advised to supplement it with something more substantial and to keep in mind that almost everybody likes french fries.

I was never a nightclub manager or a hostess.

I want to make that very clear. I was an executive at my club. I was a director of VIP operations, that's much different than a manager, that's much different than a waitress, it's different than, you know, a host - I was like an executive-level position

I was a hostess in a restaurant in New York when I was 21, and I was too good of an employee. I was putting most of my energy into that instead of acting. But my father told my sister and me to look at whatever needed to be done and do that job well, no matter what it was.

The only occasion when the traditions of courtesy permit a hostess to help herself before a woman guest is when she has reason to believe the food is poisoned.

Sweat has the power to end a pity party in such a way that even the hostess is happy.

Thirteen at a table is unlucky only, when the hostess has only twelve chops.

Cold soup is a very tricky thing and it is a rare hostess who can carry it off.

More often than not the dinner guest is left with the impression that had he only come a little earlier he could have gotten it while it was still hot.

Few enjoy noisy overcrowded functions.

But they are a gesture of goodwill on the part of host or hostess, and also on the part of guests who submit to them.

Hostesses who entertain much must make up their parties as ministers make up their cabinets, on grounds other than personal liking.

A guest is really good or bad because of the host or hostess who makes being a guest an easy or a difficult task.

Soup is to the meal, what the hostesses smile of welcome is to the party.

A prelude to the goodness to come.

In popular houses where visitors like to go again and again, there is always a happy combination of some attention on the part of the hostess and the perfect freedom of the guests to occupy their time as they choose.

Vicars, MPS and lawyers were amont those who considered me to be the best hostess in London.

Hostess Bakery plants shut down due to a workers' strike.

It was split up. The State Department hired all the Twinkies, the Secret Service hired all the HoHos, the generals are sleeping with the Cupcakes and the voters sent all the Ding Dongs to Congress.

Finally ... You have accomplished your mission in going there tonight - you were 'seen,' and you furnished your host and hostess with the sincerest proof of your great love and friendship for them - you endured their cocktail party.

My father was prime minister, and to take care of his home, to be his hostess, automatically meant to have my hands in politics - to meet people, to know their games, their secrets.

Don't think of Diana Vreeland's memoir as a book;

it's more like a lunch. A bit of souffle, a glass of champagne, some green grapes - light, bubbly and slightly tart - all served up by an egocentric but inventive hostess.

No matter how different our First Ladies have been - and as individual women they have ranged from recluses to vibrant hostesses to political manipulators on a par with Machiavelli - they have all shared the unnerving experience of facing a job they did not choose.

It was amusement enough to be with a group of fearless and talkative girls, who said new things in a new language, who were ignorant of tradition and unimpressed by distinctions of rank; but it was soon clear that their young hostesses must be treated with the same respect, if not with the same ceremony as English girls of good family.

To me, the stage is like my living room, or my home, and when you come over to my house, I have to be a hostess and invite you in so that we can have a great time.

A comma . . . catches the gentle drift of the mind in thought, turning in on itself and back on itself, reversing, redoubling, and returning along the course of its own sweet river music; while the semicolon brings clauses and thoughts together with all the silent discretion of a hostess arranging guests around her dinner table.

To be a successful hostess, when guest arrive say, At last! and when they leave say, So soon!

And, oh God, in my misspent youth as a housewife, I, too, used to bake bread, in those hectic and desolating days just prior to the woman's movement, when middle-class women were supposed to be wonderful wives and mothers, gracious hostesses.... I used to feel so womanly when I was baking my filthy bread.

Natalie Spenser was giving a dinner. She was not an easy hostess.

I might be an assassin, but never let it be said I wasn't as gracious a hostess as the next gal.

I had been in a film, playing a young British aristocrat.

My wife told me that she was invited to a dinner and she invited me to dinner and the hostess had seen me and said, 'You cannot bring him.' but I think that I've done enough to shatter the image.

If it is a cocktail party, I think bringing your partner, husband or wife is fine. To a certain extent, when someone throws a party, they expect to have people over. If it's a seated dinner, though, you should check beforehand. Asking to bring your partner is fair. Asking to bring eight friends from college is not. A good hostess will always accommodate extras and stragglers, but she'll never forget who brought them.

If you are going to worry all night, you should let the hostess know that you're coming for cocktails and leaving when everyone sits down for dinner. If you do need to call to check in, people will understand, but excuse yourself from the table and head to the ladies room to do it.

There's a lot that I watch over and over.

But I have to say, because of my line of work as a horror-movie hostess, I've probably seen Night Of The Living Dead more than any movie. I've probably seen it more than George A. Romero.

New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani fired his wife, Donna Hanover, as official hostess of the mayor's mansion last weekend. He's got his own idea of what a hostess should be. He wants a little cupcake.

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