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The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they dont have any.

I am a child of the House of Commons. I was brought up in my fathers house to believe in democracy. Trust the peoplethat was his message. — Winston Churchill

Only people who look dull ever get into the House of Commons, and only people who are dull ever succeed there. — Oscar Wilde

Now that the House of Commons is trying to become useful, it does a great deal of harm. — Oscar Wilde

The distinguishing part of our Constitution is its liberty. To preserve that liberty inviolate seems the particular duty and proper trust of a member of the House of Commons. But the liberty, the only liberty, I mean is a liberty connected with order: that not only exists along with order and virtue, but which cannot exist at all without them. It inheres in good and steady government, as in its substance and vital principle. — Edmund Burke

Commonly, people believe that defeat is characterized by a general bustle and a feverish rush. Bustle and rush are the signs of victory, not of defeat. Victory is a thing of action. It is a house in the act of being built. Every participant in victory sweats and puffs, carrying the stones for the building of the house. But defeat is a thing of weariness, of incoherence, of boredom. And above all of futility. — Antoine de Saint-Exupery

People commonly educate their children as they build their houses, according to some plan they think beautiful, without considering whether it is suited to the purposes for which they are designed. — Mary Wortley Montagu

When Death hath poured oblivion through my veins,And brought me home, as all are brought, to lieIn that vast house, common to serfs and Thanes,I shall not die, I shall not utterly die,For beauty born of beauty-- that remains. — Madison Cawein

You see how this House of Commons has begun to verify all the ill prophecies that were made of it -- low, vulgar, meddling with everything, assuming universal competency, and flattering every base passion -- and sneering at everything noble refined and truly national. The direct tyranny will come on by and by, after it shall have gratified the multitude with the spoil and ruin of the old institutions of the land. — Samuel Taylor Coleridge