In open range fires it is about picking a spot and hoping it is the right location. At the head of the fire you have to worry about wind and humidity and a number of other factors.
— John Glover

Jews don't care about ancient rivalries. We worry about humidity in Miami.
Evan Sayet humid quote

I remember many a time, going into someplace like Wrigley Field - where you could cut the humidity with a knife - and playing a doubleheader. I loved to play the game. It didn't matter if it was a doubleheader, or a single game, or a day game after a night game. I wanted to play.
— Gary Carter

The Harvard Law states: Under controlled conditions of light, temperature, humidity, and nutrition, the organism will do as it damn well pleases.
— Larry Wall

Books have the same enemies as people fire, humidity, animals, weather, and their own content.
— humid quotation by Paul Valery