I love the acting community at Cambridge. It's really quite committed and serious, since the days of Derek Jacobi and Ian McKellen right through to Emma Thompson and Hugh Laurie.
— Tom Hiddleston

If the word 'No' was removed from the English language, ian Paisley would be speechless.
John Hume ian quote

The trouble with Ian is that he gets off with women because he can't get on with them.
— Rosamond Lehman

I tend to discourage people from calling me 'Sir Ian,' because I don't like being separated out from the rest of the population. Of course, it can be useful if you're writing an official letter, like trying to get a visa or something passed through Parliament. They're impressed by these things.
— Ian Mckellen

If somebody had told me in the 1980s that Gerry Adams would shake hands with Ian Paisley or Peter Robinson I would have said put that man in a white suit and lock him up in a padded cell.
— ian quotation by Barry McGuigan