That old black magic has me in its spell, That old black magic that you weave so well; Icy fingers up and down my spine, The same old witchcraft when your eyes meet mine.
— Johnny Mercer

The only way to amuse some people is to slip and fall on an icy pavement.
Edward W. Howe icy quote

As the end of the century approaches, all our culture is like flies at the beginning of winter. Having lost their agility, dreamy and demented, they turn slowly about the window in the first icy mists of morning,...then they fall down the curtains.
— Charles Baudelaire

All are equal Death lays his icy hand on kings:Sceptre and crownMust tumble down,And in the dust be equal madeWith the poor crooked scythe and spade.
— James Shirley

Oh! Duty is an icy shadow. It will freeze you. It cannot fill the heart's sanctuary.
— icy quotation by Augusta Jane Evans