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I keep my ideals, because in spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart.

Anne Frank, diarist

I am an idealist. I don't know where I'm going but I'm on my way.

Carl Sandburg, poet

Ideals are like the stars: we never reach them, but like the mariners of the sea, we chart our course by them.

Carl Schurz, revolutionary

An idealist is one who, on noticing that a rose smells better than a cabbage, concludes that it makes a better soup.

Bertrand Russell, philosopher

A perfect human being: Man in search of his ideal of perfection. Nothing less.

Pir Vilayat Khan, philosopher

Our ideals, like pictures, are made from lights and shadows.

Joseph Joubert, writer

Our salvation is in striving to achieve what we know we'll never achieve.

Ryszard Kapuscinski, journalist

When they come downstairs from their Ivory Towers, idealists are very apt to walk straight into the gutter.

Logan Pearsall Smith, critic

Idealism increases in direct proportion to one's distance from the problem.

John Galsworthy, author

The true ideal is not opposed to the real but lies in it; and blessed are the eyes that find it.

James Russell Lowell, poet

Idealist: a cynic in the making.

Irving Layton, poet

Words without actions are the assassins of idealism.

Herbert Hoover, president

No folly is more costly than the folly of intolerant idealism.

Winston Churchill, politician

Why should we strive, with cynic frown, to knock their fairy castles down?

Eliza Cook, poet

Our ideals are our better selves.

Amos Bronson Alcott, educator

The idealist walks on tiptoe, the materialist on his heels.

Malcolm De Chazal, writer

When your dreams tire, they go underground and out of kindness that's where they stay.

Libby Houston, poet

An idealist is a person who helps other people to be prosperous.

Henry Ford, industrialist

Ideals are the worlds masters.

Josiah Gilbert Holland,

Saddle your dreams before you ride em.

Mary Webb, novelist

The attainment of an ideal is often the beginning of a disillusion.

Stanley Baldwin, statesman

Some men can live up to their loftiest ideals without ever going higher than a basement.

Theodore Roosevelt, president

The actual well seen is ideal.

Thomas Carlyle, philosopher

A man gazing on the stars is proverbially at the mercy of the puddles in the road.

Alexander Smith, poet

Idealists are foolish enough to throw caution to the winds. They have advanced mankind and have enriched the world.

Emma Goldman, activist

When one paints an ideal, one does not need to limit one's imagination.

Ellen Key, writer

If you are going to build something in the air it is always better to build castles than houses of cards.

G. C. (Georg Christoph) Lichtenberg, scientist

The idealist is incorrigible: if he is thrown out of his heaven he makes an ideal of his hell.

Friedrich Nietzsche, philosopher

What we need most, is not so much to realize the ideal as to idealize the real.

Francis Herbert Hedge, philosopher

Don't use that foreign word ideals. We have that excellent native word lies.

Henrik Ibsen, poet

Much that passes as idealism is disguised hatred or disguised love of power.

Bertrand Russell, philosopher

Instead of killing and dying in order to produce the being that we are not, we have to live and let live in order to create what we are.

Albert Camus, philosopher

Idealism springs from deep feelings, but feelings are nothing without the formulated idea that keeps them whole.

Jacques Barzun, educator

The ideal, without doubt, varies, but its enemies, alas, are always the same.

Jean Rostand, scientist

Idealism, alas, does not protect one from ignorance, dogmatism, and foolishness.

Sidney Hook, philosopher

Even when Darwin's teaching first made its appearance, it became clear at once that its scientific, materialist core, its teaching concerning the evolution of living nature, was antagonistic to the idealism that reigned in biology.

Trofim Lysenko, celebrity

If a young person has any idealism at all, it's strongest about the time he finishes college.

Sargent Shriver, politician

The natural idealism of youth is an idealism, alas, for which we do not always provide as many outlets as we should.

Sargent Shriver, politician

It is not materialism that is the chief curse of the world, as pastors teach, but idealism. Men get into trouble by taking their visions and hallucinations too seriously.

H. L. Mencken, writer

The enemy of idealism is zealotry.

Neil Kinnock, politician

There is no force so democratic as the force of an ideal.

Calvin Coolidge, president

An idealist is one who, on noticing that a rose smells better than a cabbage, concludes that it will also make better soup.

H. L. Mencken, writer

The fact is, beneath the hype, Iraqis will soon appreciate American help and idealism far more than French perfidy. It is never wrong to be on the side of freedom - never.

Victor Davis Hanson, historian

Let hope inspire you, but let not idealism blind you. Don't look back, you can never look back.

Don Henley, musician

The sublimated idealism of the Enlightenment, the spirit of the League of Nations and of the United Nations Charter have not proved strong enough to control the aggressive dynamism of nationalism.

Christopher Dawson, writer

I'm not ready to let the youthful part of myself go yet. If maturity means becoming a cynic, if you have to kill the part of yourself that is naive and romantic and idealistic - the part of you that you treasure most - to claim maturity, is it not better to die young but with your humanity intact?

Kenneth Cain,

As I have pointed out, it is the Christian tradition that is the most fundamental element in Western culture. It lies at the base not only of Western religion, but also of Western morals and Western social idealism.

Christopher Dawson, writer

He 's ruthless only because of his ideals. Unfortunately he doesn't succeed. The thing fails and gets out of hand and takes charge of him. Idealism is the only excuse he could have and it's a great excuse.

Terence Fisher, director

A lot of my idealism was frustrated by the end of the '60s because of the way things went with the assassinations and the sense that the political establishment was so fixed in its ways you couldn't change anything.

David Talbot, journalist

Only through the conscious action of the working masses in city and country can it be brought to life, only through the people's highest intellectual maturity and inexhaustible idealism can it be brought safely through all storms and find its way to port.

Rosa Luxemburg, activist

But it is well to remember that we are dealing with nations every one of which has a direct individual interest to serve, and there is grave danger in an unshared idealism.

Henry Cabot Lodge, politician

In brief, egoism in its modern interpretation, is the antithesis, not of altruism, but of idealism.

John Buchanan Robinson, politician

I've always wanted to play Don Quixote in some way. It's a great role. I think the idealism of the man shows that hope that we have in the human breast to achieve something.

Dominic Chianese, actor

For we, too, have our ideals, even if we differ from those who have tried to establish a monopoly of idealism.

Henry Cabot Lodge, politician

It is instructive, for instance, to trace the computer industry's decline in vision, idealism, creativity, romance and sheer fun as it becomes more and more important and prosperous.

Robert Shea, author

Idealism is fine, but as it approaches reality, the costs become prohibitive.

William F. Buckley, Jr., journalist

Nearly all the Escapists in the long past have managed their own budget and their social relations so unsuccessfully that I wouldn't want them for my landlords, or my bankers, or my neighbors. They were valuable, like powerful stimulants, only when they were left out of the social and industrial routine.

Willa Cather, author

Do not consider Collectivists as sincere but deluded idealists. The proposal to enslave some men for the sake of others is not an ideal; brutality is not idealistic, no matter what its purpose. Do not ever say that the desire to do good by force is a good motive. Neither power-lust nor stupidity are good motives.

Ayn Rand, writer

The world will never have lasting peace so long as men reserve for war the finest human qualities. Peace, no less than war, requires idealism and self-sacrifice and a righteous and dynamic faith.

John Foster Dulles, public servant

Americans admire a people who can scratch a desert and produce a garden. The Israelis have shown qualities that Americans identify with: guts, patriotism, idealism, a passion for freedom. I have seen it. I know. I believe that.

Richard M. Nixon, president

If you want to accomplish something in the world, idealism is not enough - you need to choose a method that works to achieve the goal.

Richard Stallman, scientist

Idealism is the despot of thought, just as politics is the despot of will.

Mikhail Bakunin, revolutionary

Idealism is fine, but as it approaches reality the cost becomes prohibitive.

William F. Buckley,

The idealist's program of political or economic reform may be impracticable, absurd, demonstrably ridiculous; but it can never be successfully opposed merely by pointing out that this is the case. A negative opposition cannot be wholly effectual: there must be a competing idealism; something must be offered that is not only less objectionable but more desirable.

Charles Horton Cooley, sociologist

An idealist believes the short run doesn't count. A cynic believes the long run doesn't matter. A realist believes that what is done or left undone in the short run determines the long run.

Sydney J. Harris, journalist

Man is born a predestined idealist, for he is born to act. To act is to affirm the worth of an end, and to persist in affirming the worth of an end is to make an ideal.

Oliver Wendell Holmes, writer

We for a certainty are not the first have sat in taverns while the tempest hurled their hopeful plans to emptiness, and cursed whatever brute and blackguard made the world.

A.E. Housman,

It is the style of idealism to console itself for the loss of something old with the ability to gape at something new.

Karl Kraus, writer

Some day the soft Ideal that we wooed confronts us fiercely, foe-beset, pursued, and cries reproachful: Was it then my praise, and not myself was loved? Prove now thy truth; I claim of thee the promise of thy youth.

James Russell Lowell, poet

Many have dreamed up republics and principalities that have never in truth been known to exist; the gulf between how one should live and how one does live is so wide that a man who neglects what is actually done for what should be done learns the way to self-destruction rather than self-preservation.

Niccolo Machiavelli, writer

It is at our mother's knee that we acquire our noblest and truest and highest ideals, but there is seldom any money in them.

Mark Twain, author

Nobody grows old merely by living a number of years. We grow old by deserting our ideals. Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.

Samuel Ullman, poet

A map of the world that does not include Utopia is not worth even glancing at, for it leaves out the one country at which Humanity is always landing.

Oscar Wilde, dramatist

Whatever happened to a sense of idealism and embracing an idea that will help people and, in this case, children?

Rod Blagojevich, politician

Over the past decade... while many businesses have pursued what I call 'business as usual,' I have been part of a different, smaller business movement, one that tried to put idealism back on the agenda.

Anita Roddick, businesswoman

Idealism that makes no distinction between areas where our national interest lies and those from which it is remote does no good for America. The weariness of the post-Versailles, post-Korea, post-Vietnam eras is never far from the national mood.

Dick Morris, author

You see, idealism detached from action is just a dream. But idealism allied with pragmatism, with rolling up your sleeves and making the world bend a bit, is very exciting. It's very real. It's very strong.

Bono, musician

No period of history has ever been great or ever can be that does not act on some sort of high, idealistic motives, and idealism in our time has been shoved aside, and we are paying the penalty for it.

Alfred North Whitehead, mathematician

Ideas are great arrows, but there has to be a bow. And politics is the bow of idealism.

Bill Moyers, journalist

Any idealism is a proper subject for art.

Lafcadio Hearn,

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